If you frequent your photo-sharing social media platforms via Instagram or Facebook, you probably have seen these two new takes on popular hair color trends. If not, we welcome you to the hues you'll be begging your hair colorist for in 2016. 
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Essentially a mix of blue-grey, denim hair color is meant to look faded and worn out--hence the name.

A fusion of the silver, blue, and rainbow color trends that were huge in 2015, this one is also expected to be a big one among the 18 to 25 year old crowd, according to Valonz Head Colorist, Ash-Leigh Croker. The mature crowd tends to opt for "a more diluted interpretation of the trend," while the younger clients ask for "stronger tones," according to Ash-Leigh.

The play of pigment is ideal for clients with finer straightened or wavy hair who enjoy the likes of braided hairstyles, as they would show off the striking dimension in this hue. 
A few weeks after the initial coloring process, clients can see their hair turning to a purple shade with a sort of ombre effect, similar to what was big in 2014 and 2015 as well. Before committing to the look, Ash-Leigh suggests thinking it through. "The first thing I ask the client is 'how committed are they to this look? Because if you do a deep turquoise or an emerald sort of tone, you'll have more time with the color, whereas with pastels, if you get that silvery powdery blue, soft green or lilac, the durability isn't as long."

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For those with an affinity for pearly pastels and shades of red, rose gold hair color might be the new request to make in 2016. The style started garnering popularity when actress Emma Roberts and her stylist coined the term "desert rose" recently on Instagram. This color also gives an ombre effect, starting with natural lighter brown roots and fading to a blended tint of pastel pink and strawberry blonde, mid-shaft down. According to Daily Mail UK, "it also suits nearly everyone. Featuring a variety of red, blonde, and brown tones, rose gold hair is both subtle and spellbinding."

Both soft but noticeable, this color is considered ideal for all textures and ages of women. As far as complexion goes, the experts suggest matching a client with cooler undertones to a 'rose mahogany' hair color, and 'rose copper' for warm undertones.

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