We started seeing a new take on this hair color trend last fall but many didn’t think it would last.

photo courtesy of Rita Ora's Instagram

But glitter roots have been paired with many different on-trend hairstyles as a fan favorite, paired with low buns and deep side parts.

Glitter roots are taking over Instagram by storm, also being showcased by our favorite celebrities. Miley Cyrus was one of the first we saw debuting the trend at the ONE Campaign with beautiful pink glitter above her ear to match her dress.–although she certainly has not been the last. 

photo courtesy of Great Lengths

It’s not just the edgy celebrities that are getting in on this new hair trend, Lucy Hale has sported a toned down glitter roots look but has also shown her love for the more extreme looks on Instagram. Leona Lewis and Rita Ora have also jumped on trend with lightly dusted silver and gold glitter onto their roots.

For a more sculpted look some people opt for not just dusting the glitter on their roots but instead showcase a very purposefully put section to frame their face, best seen on Rita Ora who shows that it certainly doesn’t have to look tacky.

To show that this trend is not going anywhere yet glitter roots were a staple at 2016’s Coachella.  Rocked by the likes of Kendall Jenner who wore two tight buns with some gold glitter sprinkled down the middle part.

photo courtesy of Mane Addicts

Getting the look is easier than you may think

All you need is a good gel or pomade and the glitter color of your choice. Using an eyeshadow brush or a toothbrush, apply the pomade directly onto the roots for easy application. While it is still wet and pliable in the hair, sprinkle the glitter directly on top. Use a medium hold hairspray to seal the glitter in.

Want to try this look?

Here are two curly girls, Offbeatlook and LoveSieee who took the trend for a spin on their own curls. We have to say, it looks extra magical on curls.

Warning: you may have glitter in your hair for a few days before it washes completely out. For a sparkling night out, it might all be worth it! What do you think of the new glitter roots trend? Post your glitter selfie on StyleNook and tell us how you did it.

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