Root, root, root for the cuties out on the field this postseason—especially the curlies. Even if our lineup didn't all make the playoffs, we still like their curls! Whether or not you're a fan, be on the lookout for these top ten curly cuties.

Matt Joyce

Tampa Bay Rays: Matt Joyce

A native from Tampa, Matt is an outfielder who made his debut only two years ago. Check out that hair flip!

Chad Durbin

Philidelphia Phillies: Chad Durbin

Maybe he’s an oldie, but a goodie! Chad not only pitches for the Phillies but has some cute crinkly curls to top it off.

Omar Infante

Atlanta Braves: Omar Infante

For all you Latino lovers out there, check out this curly Omar Infante.  Second baseman and shortstop for the Braves, Omar rocks the crinkles like no other.

Pat Burrell

San Francisco Giants: Pat Burrell

Keep your eyes peeled on the left field, because that’s where Pat is most likely to be! “Pat the Bat” not only plays left field, he also wears his waves proudly.

Armando Galarrga

Detroit Tigers: Armando Galarrga

Looks like he’ll be sitting out during the playoffs, but why not admire that hair flip? Armando not only looks great in a uniform but in this sharp suit.

Neftali Feliz

Texas Rangers: Neftali Feliz

Far from his home in the Dominican Republic, Neftali pitches for the Texas Rangers and made his debut only a year ago. It’s hard to keep your eyes on the ball with those juicy arms pitching!

Sam Fuld

Chicago Cubs: Sam Fuld

Check out those curls! Sam, a left fielder for the Cubs, has everything: blue eyes, awesome hair, and a degree from Stanford!

Robinson Cano

New York Yankees: Robinson Cano

He has a smile that any girl could spot in a crowded stadium. Robinson is a natural curly and second baseman for the New York Yankees.

Andre Ethier

Los Angeles Dodgers: Andre Ethier

You can’t miss those adorable curls coming out from under that batting helmet! Andre is a right fielder for the Dodgers whose curls won’t let him steal all the glory.

Ian Kinsler

Texas Rangers: Ian Kinsler

Ian is a second baseman for the Rangers, and rockin’ the playoffs with his full head of hair. Check out those thick, lustrous locks!