These men are responsible for sold-out stadiums, legions of fans, saving the world and their Twitter accounts. But their most visible claim to fame may not be their talent, but their curls. We created our list of 10 curly lads who put a smile on our faces — some well-known, and some lesser so. Enjoy!

Trevor McFedries

1. Trevor McFedries, aka DJ Skeet Skeet: Professional DJ, blogger, syndicated radio show host, former Midwesterner, ex-collegiate football player and much more, Trevor also consults with major music labels. He has been performing around the world for about 10 years. Did we mention he’s only 25?


2. Slash, aka Saul Hudson: Equally known for his bands (including Guns n' Roses) and guitar riffs, Slash’s hair commands a room. Words simply cannot describe him. He’s worked across genres and continues to transcend generations, always rocking those raven curls.

Ahmir-Khalib Thompson, aka ?uestlove

3. Ahmir-Khalib Thompson, aka ?uestlove: ?uestlove is one of music’s most recognizable children. Thompson began performing on stage at 7 with his father, Lee Andrews of Lee Andres and the Hearts. His ever-present 'fro and drumming skills are just the tip of the iceberg. DJ, music journalist, record producer and being the first celebrity to Twit as his tour bus began to flip in a foreign country are inked on his resume. You can catch him and his band, The Roots, on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Merry, Sam, Frodo & Pippin

4.Merry, Sam, Frodo and Pippin: Everyone knows — at least if you're a "Lord of the Rings" fan — that in order to save Middle Earth, one must eat 7 meals a day, avoid coming in physical contact with jewelry and have curly hair on your head and feet.

Simon Amstell

5. Simon Amstell: This English comedian is known for his standup, hosting abilities and making Britney Spears cry during an interview. This saucy Englishman has won and been nominated several times for his outstanding comedy by the BBC New Comedy Awards and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Ross Grimsley

6. Ross Grimsley: "Washington Post" columnist Thomas Boswell once said that Ross “had enough greasy kid stuff in his ultra-long curly hair to give A.J. Foyt a lube job and oil change.” The left-handed pitcher's curls were ever-present as he logged 750 career strikeouts, 124 wins and a nice 3.81 ERA, in roughly 11 years with the Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles, Montreal Expos, Cleveland Indians and Montreal Expos.

Yanni Chryssomallis

7. Yanni Chryssomallis: Whether you love his music or hate his music, ya gotta love his curls. Aside from his natural Grecian waves, Yanni is a Grammy-nominated commercial and classical musician and composer. He, amazingly, has no formal musical training. If you watch the Super Bowl, Wide World of Sports, U.S. Open, The Olympics or ABC News, you know his music.

Robert Gallery

8. Robert Gallery: Iif you're a football fan, you know this 6'7 offense tackle led the University of Iowa to a share of the Big Ten Conference Title. Drafted as the second overall pick in 2004 to the Oakland Raiders his career has yet to blossom, but we see a trend from curly uber-jocks Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu, success goes to the curlies.

Justin Timberlake

9. Justin Timberlake: The American pop singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer and actor — winner of six Grammy Awards and an Emmy Award — quickly rose to fame as the curly member of the 'N Sync boy band. Whether he's rocking the Grammys or dancing half-dressed in a Beyonce video, Timberlake has it going on.

Chris Martin

10. Chris Martin: With his golden ringlets and his silky voice, the lead singer of Coldplay brings women to their knees. Viva La Curls!