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Growing up as a bi-racial girl with no sense of identity, there were only a handful of women I admired and felt I could relate to on television. Women like Lisa Bonet, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tia and Tamera Mowry and Brandy Norwood helped change the trajectory of how women were represented in the media, especially African-American women.

One woman, in particular, Tracee Ellis Ross, who recently won a Golden Globe for her phenomenal role in the ABC hit show Blackish, which shines a light on topics such as gender roles, race, and parenting continues to pave the way in the media industry by being refreshingly honest and funny. She is not just an actress but in her words an, “Actively compassionate advocate for freedom, equity and joy, culture of beauty expander.” I got that straight from her Instagram bio, so you know it’s real. I’ve been a fan of hers since her lead role as Joan in Girlfriends, which was by far one of my favorite TV shows of all times. Even though I was definitely way too young to be watching that show, it showcased the power and beauty of sisterhood, black excellence, and sexuality.

From her charismatic personality, ability to eloquently spit lyrics as T-murda, glorious style that embodies feminity, and warm spirit that makes you feel as though she’s your favorite auntie. She is redefining beauty and breaking barriers to shine a light on the importance of representation and inclusivity in media.

In her latest interview with Vogue, she answers 73 intimate questions including her biggest fear in life and what inspires her. Her advice to her teenage self was something we can all use a reminder of:

I swear you will get more comfortable in your skin, and keep dreaming honey.

Tracee Ellis Ross

It seems we at NaturallyCurly have a lot in common with Tracee, because the one thing she wants to be remembered for is “inspiring people to feel comfortable in their skin.” The moment she describes beauty and here is everything to us.

Beauty is about the way you feel, about having desire, and having choice. And beauty is about you.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Can we just be best friends already? When asked what she loves most about her hair, she replied emphatically, “that it’ll do anything.”

Press play and watch it for yourself!

Never underestimate the power of your words.

You’re beautiful. I love you. Know yourself. Write in the journal. Be yourself. Love yourself. Be of service. Be teachable.

Tracee Ellis Ross

From her beautiful home, messy bun, effortless style, and inspiring words I’m officially obsessed with Auntie Tracee and hope she has inspired you in some form to speak your truth and embrace your curly crown!

What do you love most about your hair? Let me know in the comments!

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