tyra banks

Tyra Banks

Yesterday the Tyra show turned its focus to natural hair. As we all know, Tyra is rocking her own hair now and decided to dedicate a show to styling natural hair. The show focused on makeovers to help women embrace their natural hair. We are so happy to see Tyra spreading the curly love, though there was not much curly love at the beginning of the show. The first few curlies hair were straightened but it got better! One of our community members reports on the events . . .

Daniella Ayala Reports:

OK, the first woman they had on stage is getting a touch up done on her relaxer. I hope they do some non-chemical treatments and styles as well.

The second woman had big, puffy curly hair, like a white-girl afro. It would have looked awesome with proper products, but they wanted to relax it. Unfortunately, she had just colored it. So they are blow drying and flat-ironing it instead. Damn.

The third woman had a TWA, and is now getting pressed with a hot-comb. I appreciate that it is a temporary straightening method, and it turned out great, but I really hope she leaves somebody curly today!

The fourth woman got a Brazilian Blowout. The stylist said "beautiful hair . . . I can make it better, though." They made her 100% straight.

Yay! Woman #5 got a bunch of teeny coils! Super cute.

OK, it's getting better. Woman #6 got cornrows in front, and woman #7 is got two-strand twists that turned out gorgeous!

All in all, a fun show that generated a lot of conversation on Tyra's website, with questions about keratin treatments and frizz. Great fodder for future shows, we say!