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Curltalker CurlySu made some great observations about Tia and Tamera Mowry, actresses from the show Sister, Sister.

‘Now I like the twins; they seem like nice girls and they have always been shown in a positive light.I hate to put them in any Hall of Shame type is like I’m bashing them, but I’m just wondering-what happened to their curls? I thought that maybe they would go back and forth between the curly and the straight. We really didn’t get to see them with curly hair because they were covered by those awful hats, lol. When they went straight everyone on the show was all ‘oooh and ahh’ and it seemed as though they were trying to tie in sophistication and growing up with straightening your hair (why IS that? Why does curly hair usually equal, young looking, or something you have when you are young?”>. I hope they don’t perm because growing out hair is so annoying. But anyway, I had always admired their curls.

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