A video blog about Michelle's Brazilian Blowout, one week later.

Michelle video blogs an update about her Brazilian Blowout experience.

Michelle's Brazillian Blowout Blog
Michelle-Congrats on your Brazilian Blowout!!! I am a Brazilian Blowout Specialist in Portsmouth, NH. I LOVE this treatment!! It is a service for everyone. I have wavy blonde hair, but it is thin, damaged, and flat. I gave myself the treatment and it made my hair shiny and healthy. I also leave the house with barely running a comb through wet hair(I have 2 young boys) and it looks great. I just wanted to give a shout out to all my curly clients whose lives have been changed by BB. Also for people who have always had "just frizz"I have tamed manes of all kinds with Brazilian Blowout. I believe it is the best product on the market. I did alot of research before joining them and doing services at the salon I work at, and BB is the ONLY treatment that has NO HARSH CHEMICALS & NO down time...wash & go from the salon, it improves the health of the hair, and the shine and moisture retention are unparalled. I piggyback my BB service with the BB Acai products for two reasons. #1.BB only guarantees the service for 3-4 mos. if you use their products that are specifically formulated to enhance and lenthen your treatment. #2 The BB Acai line is the best on the market...great for all hair types. I am happy to give all clients; curly/wavy/frizzy/damaged girls, their lives back. People hug me alot, and some cry, they are so relieved. This service is new to the East coast; so if you are looking for someone around Boston, I am in Portsmouth, NH. I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about BB. The best thing is to check out the web site then ask alot of questions with an experienced BB stylist. Make sure your stylist has experience and knows their biz!Again Congrats Michelle, I know it takes guts. All from NC feel free to call with Q's..Jennifer (207)289-4292