Viola Davis never lets us down. Really. For years the beloved actress has stolen our hearts with her roles in Eat Pray Love, The Help, Prisoners and one of our favorite shows to DVR as of late, How to Get Away With Murder. Davis knows how to rip her pin straight wig off and capture us with some of the most intense expressions of self-love we have seen on screen in a while. During her red carpet appearances, Viola Davis doesn't fail us, either. Let's imagine we were her hairstylist on Oscars night (totally normal fantasy, right?)--this is what you need to recreate Viola's slay-worthy coiled coif.

What you need

Get her look

1. After your 30 minute deep conditioning session, use a co-wash with your SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus cleanser to cleanse and soften your hair. Coconut oil naturally enhances shine and luster to dull hair. Since it can easily penetrate thicker, coarser hair, it is the go-to natural moisturizer for most type 4 coilies.

2. Avocado contains nourishing vitamin E and contains more potassium than a banana, helping to improve elasticity on stretched styles like twist-outs.  Work your Design Essentials avocado leave-in to work through tricky knots and after detangling, rinse hair one more time and squeeze out excess water.

3. On your now damp, freshly washed hair, twist with Darcy's Botanicals pomade into two-strand twists around your entire head. Let your twists dry completely on their own while you finish getting ready (now would be a good time for slipping into your Oscar-worthy gown and applying your make-up).

4. If you are in a rush and your hair is not completely dry, use a dryer/diffuser attachment on low heat to prevent frizz and get directly to the source of the problem--your wet roots.

5. Slowly untwist your two-strands from the root, down. Add a bit of your jojoba oil to your fingertips to smooth and reduce the possibility of frizz. Using a pick, gently massage your scalp to lift and add volume to your roots.

Whose Oscar look did you love last night? Let us know in the comments below.