While outfits are typically the talk of the red carpet, this year, hair was all the rage. Waves seemed to take the stage at this year’s MTV Video Awards. Men and women alike brought out their best wavy 'dos to mix up the style. Most considered their waves to be fun and flirty which fits the tone of this particular awards show. (link to the pieces we've already done)

Scarlett Johansson and Vanessa Hudgens both turned their typically straight styles into gorgeous natural looking waves. The curly men of the night were Russell Brand and Shaun White who both sported their sometimes-wavy sometimes-curly hair. The next time you decide to enhance your waves and make a new statement with your hair like these four did, consider using a product that is not heavy on your hair. Mousses and gels that enhance curls without weighing them down work best on a wavy look. If you are having problems with volume on the crown of your head, use duckbill clips to lift the hair. Once the waves are dry, a little pomade goes a long way in smoothing the look. Always remember, never brush or comb your waves once they are dry.

With the right products and styling tips you can give yourself fun and flirty waves to take to your next red carpet event.