Kathy Ireland

The money speaks for itself — naturally textured hair is hot!

According to Forbes magazine, former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kathy Ireland is the wealthiest supermodel-entrepreneur worth an estimated $350 million. To put that in perspective, Ireland sells about 2 billion more in retail and is worth more than Martha Stewart herself.

So how does this wavy hair babe make all of her money at the ripe age of 48? Well, it isn't modeling swimsuits anymore, or even selling them for that matter. Although you may still remember her clothing line at K-Mart, Ireland actually makes most of her fortune from windows.

That's right: namesake vinyl and plastic replacement windows, which apparently insulate heat inexpensively. She sells about $400 million of those each year. She also shells out furniture including desks, end tables, media centers and the like.

Her conglomerate, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, does one thing unbelievably well — it targets middle American moms.

An entrepreneur at heart, Ireland has never given up on herself, and has always forged ahead with her dreams and aspirations. That's something every wavy, curly or kinky-haired woman can relate to.

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