She'll stick with the wigs, she says

wendy williams

Wendy Williams

A new episode of "Real Housewives of Orange County" debuted last night and generated some juicy conversation on Bravo's late-night show "Watch What Happens: Live." This always-fun, often-noisy show is hosted by Bravo programming executive Andy Cohen, who welcomes guests from some of the cable network's most popular series, as well as other entertainment stars, to chat about pop culture and celebrities in the news.

Wendy Williams host of "The Wendy Williams Show"—and a big "Real Housewives" fan—was last night's guest. The conversation quickly turned from housewives drama to hair.

Outspoken Wendy is known equally for her famous phrase "How YOU doin'?" and her elaborate collection of wigs. On last night's show, viewers wrote in to ask Wendy about her hair, including us. We tweeted about it—"@BravoAndy Question for Wendy: You said you're a hair lady, but why don't you go natural? You are so beautiful—embrace your natural kinks".

However, we were not the only ones wanting to talk about her hair—two other viewers wrote in to discuss her hair, and our Tweet was not selected. Of the two that were selected, the first asked Wendy if she will reveal her natural hair one day like Oprah and Tyra have done. Wendy replied that she does not want to do so because her textured hair is very thin. She is not confident with her thin hair and therefore doesn't want to show it. She said that her hair has thinned with age and because of her thyroid disease.

Sounds to us like she might not know how to do her hair or what products are right. But we can help with that! would love to get Wendy to go natural. We have the tools, tips and tricks that can help her love her natural hair.

Incidentally, later the conversation turned to Oprah, like so many conversations do! Wendy complimented her and said she has great hair and that she wishes she has thick full hair like that. Last hair topic was about our favorite ginger, Shaun White.

Alicia Ward

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From what I read, she is natural. She gets her real hair blown out butit is very long(Waist length) and thin
Yeah, my sister says that all the time. That Wendy looks like a drag queen/ I love Wendy but sometimes wish she would let all of that hair go. She appears to be such a strong and confident woman, she could pull off being natural. I know those lace wigs are not helping her thin hair at all.
Yeah, I'd like to see that. Personally I think she looks like a bad tranny. No offense to any good trannies on here.
I actually remember seeing pictures of her hair and while long, it's very thin, color treated and overall damaged looking. I actually saved the pics to my computer if anyone is interested in seeing them.