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Redken is showing long hair in a variety of colors this fall.

Every fall, Stanley of New York's Christopher Stanley Salon has curly clients who come in to get shorter cuts.

"I always work seasonally with curly haired people," Stanley says. "We go shorter in fall and winter and longer in spring and summer."

Should you choose to go shorter, there are plenty of options for curly and kinky hair -- from choppy bobs to short cropped cuts to sexy layers.

'"I approach their hair differently depending on the time of year -- both the cut and the color," Stanley says.

Stanley likes to do graduated layers in the back, with short tendrils around the face -- tendrils that would "drive them nuts" during the summer when the humidity is high.

"Shape is raging back," says "Curly Girl" author Lorraine Massey of Devachan Salon. "We're seeing uneven curls -- shorter shapes with some odd pieces that still look very natural."

Redken creative consultant Rodney Cutler of New York's Cutler Salon, who worked on Vogue's fall "Fashion on Demand" trend report, says hot shorter styles include choppy bobs and the "French Fringe" -- a soft wispy cut. These cuts that work well on curly, wavy and straight hair.

"Bobs have been around since Cleopatra," Cutler says. "This new bob is piecey and choppy, and allows the natural texture to take control. If your hair is wavy, let it be wavy. If it's curly, let it be curly. You don't have to blow it dead straight. It's a strong, fun, low-maintenance haircut."

Curl expert Christo of Christo Fifth Avenue in New York is doing long bangs for fall with plenty of angles that frame the face and accentuate the curls.

"It's very sexy, very feminine, with a lot of movement," Christo says. "A lot of people with curly hair think they have to stick with hair that's all one length. I want them to know there are a lot more options. Your style is about your face and what you can carry. I don't want to create fashion victims."

Leah Remacle of Avalon Salon Suites in Omaha, Nebraska, agrees that bangs will hot for curly hair this fall.

"They can look fun and sassy around the face," Remacle says.

Austin stylist Ethan Shaw of Anne Kelso Salon believes there's a trend toward more adventurous cuts for curls.

"The shattered edges and funky layers that have been dominating straight hair styles are now translating into less 'perfect' shapes for curly hair, using individual curl length to add interest and dimension," Shaw says.

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