willow smith photo shoot

I just want to have dreads. I want to embrace my full self, as natural as I can be.
Willow Smith never ceases to make our hearts pulsate when it comes to her eccentric fashion and beauty choices. In her recent CR Fashion Book, Willow does not fail us. Jewelry designer Lisa Eisner acted as creative director for Smith's latest photoshoot by Bjorn Ioos-- the results touch a special place deep inside of our soul.

willow smith

When asked what Smith's 2015 goals include, she says, "I just want to have dreads." The frolicsome icon adds that more physical activity like Krav Maga will take place as part of her goals as well. How does Willow Smith always look so confident with minimal effort? "I just want to embrace my full self, as natural as I can be." We'd never thought we would say this but... Willow Smith just schooled us in the most seamless yet graceful way. Her surprise EP released in January, Interdimensional Tesseract had us humming and vibing in awe. And so does her confidence in this spread.

See more of the stunning photos of Willow Smith and Lisa Eisner's jewelry here. This post was not sponsored.