Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Waves were wonderful at the 2009 Emmy Awards last night in Los Angeles, as the stars eschewed the more formal looks of the Oscars and other award shows.

The look for the night was looser, more casual hair, and in many cases, shorter, less-formal dresses.

Waves were everywhere, from very casual to retro wavesets.

Some of our standby curlies opted for a different look last night, straightening their trademark curls. Christina Applegate cast off her lovely ringlets for a sleeker 'do, as did Debra Messing. Julia Louise-Dreyfus opted for a bit of straightening, but left some curls intact.

The guys got into the spirit, too, with Ryan Kwanten, Justin Timberlake and Simon Baker sporting their curls.

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