The stars-only premiere of Black Panther went down this week.

I assume my invite was lost in the mail.

But I still got my life with all the actual attendees' hair and outfits! I 'Yaaaaassssssss'-ed myself hoarse!

You'll see why.

Angela Bassett is my angel, my light, and my backup Mommy in case mine gets called elsewhere. Her full wavy style accented by those earrings was all about being BOLD. I love it. And her. So much. I'm not crying at work, YOU'RE crying at work.

Speaking of moms, look at Lupita and her own mother! Awwwww! Also, that Fulani inspired 'do is just everything. Mrs. Nyongo (I should call her Tantie, honestly…) in her TWA is also showing out! Afro's aren't for formal events? SAYS WHO.

No one that matters, that's for sure.

Yara Shahidi says her hair feeds off of black excellence! I wonder if that'd have an effect on my own inches...maybe I need to get to more black business owner workshops, or back to Afropunk this summer.

Janelle kept her coils tucked up for this premiere, but she still looks royal AF amongst her squad! Sidenote, make sure you swipe through, and if anyone can get me in contact with that be-locked gentleman in the white, I've got um...a 100% professional interview I'd like to conduct that's not fueled by objectification and thirst at all. Definitely.

I'm a Texan coily, so big hair is in my genes times two. Nabiyah's piled high curls warm my heart like a bonfire, and how appropriate that she's wearing something that can reflect her and her co-stars' greatness...literally!

💕God is great you know!!! #morelife #blackpanther

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You'll have to swipe for it, but Letitia Wright was good enough to give us a quick sweep of the afterparty! We're so blessed, y'all.

These looks got me like

woman crying happy tears wipes her eyes

Y'all know we've BEEN excited since the trailers dropped last year, and the NC team is putting the last touches on their outfits so that we can show out at the movie theaters here. Check out Evelyn's reaction Watch 'N Go for the proof!

Curlies, did any of the looks here inspire you? Who had your favorite style on the Wakandan red carpet? Let us know!