There are some real perks to having Type 4 kinky curls – believe me. Your curls may be able to hold definition much longer than those with looser curl patterns, and styles look fuller overall. Some of the downfalls? Styling hair without frizz can be a challenge.

Sure, the weather (humidity in particular”> can have a huge impact, but there are some things you can do to avoid it all together. Coming from a Type 4 curly, I’ve tried it all, but over the past eight years, I’ve come up with a few tips for ditching frizzy hair while styling:

  1. Style on damp hair using creamy stylers: This will leave a more sleek and defined look
  2. If you desire a look with some volume minus the frizz: Start on blown out hair, but find a heavy butter to style.

Here are some ways you can style your Type 4 hair (frizz free”> when you’re out of ideas:

Curly Mohawk

5 Quick & Easy Ways to Style Type 4 Hair

I love this style for several reasons. You can wear it practically anywhere, and most of all – it takes less than 10 minutes to do on blown out hair.

Directions: Simply part your hair into three equal sections, and secure them with a ponytail holder. Once you have three ponytails, split each section into two – so you have six pieces in total. For each ponytail, you’ll want to roll one section of hair forward and the other backward (in a tuck and roll movement”>. Secure each section with a bobby pin. You’ll want to use a heavy butter like pure Shea butter to style.

 This style can also be done on damp hair (using a creamy styler”> with shorter lengths using flexi rods instead of the tuck-and-roll method. Once you have three ponytails, begin creating three to four two strand twists in each section. For the final step, you’ll want to wrap those twists on one small flexi rod (yes, three twists per rod. No one has time to sleep with 20 flexi rods.”>. Allow the hair to dry overnight, and take out the rods and untwist the following morning.

Braided Style

5 Quick & Easy Ways to Style Type 4 Hair

I actually find myself doing this style when I’m rushing out of the door in the morning. The great part is, this style can be done on short lengths as well (as long as your curls can fit into a ponytail you’re good!”>.

Directions: For a fuller effect, you can start on blown out hair, but this isn’t required. Create a horizontal part about four to five inches from your front hairline to create two sections. Make a bun with the back, bigger section. Going back to the front section, make either a middle part or side part (whichever you prefer”>. Braid each side into a loose braid. Gather both braids into the bigger, back section of hair and pin near the base of the bun.

Flat Twist 

5 Quick & Easy Ways to Style Type 4 Hair

Sometimes your hair just wants to feel free, so you should let it down. This style is great for days when it’s hot and humid outside because it keeps hair away from your face. On the opposite spectrum, it also gives your hair time to breathe.

Directions: This quick style is done by creating a part three to four inches from your hairline. Using product, flat twist that section going across your hairline. Pin the end of the twist near the back of your head where your hair will hang loose.

Rod Set

5 Quick & Easy Ways to Style Type 4 Hair

Now this isn’t just any rod set. It involves a braided updo in the back that’s super cute. This style can be worn by those with a tapered cut or those with practically any length of hair.

Directions: Create a horizontal part going from ear to ear to make two equal sections of hair. Clip the front section away and focus on the back half. Split the back half of hair into two equal sections vertically. Create one flat twist starting at your nape and twisting toward the front of your head. Once complete, create a small bun to finish off the section. Do this for both sections.

Once the back half is done, set the front section of hair on perm rods for full bangs. If you have a tapered cut, simply set the front on rods.

How do you style your Type 4 hair?

Victoria Davis


Victoria T. Davis is the founder of, a natural hair and healthy living site dedicated to helping women feel and look beautiful.

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