![nancy 1]Nancys Kitchen Products Revived my Coarse Dry Natural Hair

Image Source: @nancyskitchenproducts.co

I’ve spoken a lot about how my 4b hair is always up against the battle to find moisturizing products. A lot of natural hair products can use oils, like almond or coconut oil, that have proven to seal in moisture, but I want the extra step further, where some sort of butter is used.

Here’s where Nancy’s Kitchen comes in: Nancy’s Kitchen is a natural hair care brand started in 2014 by Donna Jenay, named after her late maternal grandmother and the recipes and hairstyles created in her kitchen. The brand focuses on “coily and kinky” hair types, aiming to dismiss the idea that certain hair types are more “difficult” than others. Nancy’s Kitchen’s products are also cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and silicone-free — which is good for someone like myself who actively seeks out ethical products to use in my daily life.

![nancy 2]Nancys Kitchen Products Revived my Coarse Dry Natural Hair

Image Source: @nancyskitchenproducts.co

I got the chance to try three products from Nancy’s Kitchen line: The Curl Smoothie, The Argan Conditioner, and The Curl Custard. Here’s how they worked on my type 4b hair.

The Silk Buttercream Argan Conditioner:

This conditioner is your average conditioner, where you add it to your clean hair and leave it on for 3-5 minutes. There’s sweet almond oil and argan oil in this product, which are two ingredients my 4b hair tends to love. This product didn’t give my hair the deep conditioning I love, but it did help with detangling my hair after I washed it, which is one of the steps I dread the most during my wash day routine. If you’re washing your hair in a hurry, or co-washing it, this product would be great, rather than using it for a deep conditioner. My comb glided smoothly through my hair, I didn’t have to be rough with getting the detangles out, which made me incredibly happy and cut down on my detangling time!

![nancy 3]Nancys Kitchen Products Revived my Coarse Dry Natural Hair

Image Source: @nancykitchenproducts.co

Silk Buttercream Curl Quencher:

This product used a new ingredient that I’ve never used in my hair before: Avocado butter. Avocado butter has moisture-sealing properties to help nourish natural hair and fortify the hair strands but maximum protection and hydration. Although the instructions packaging said you can use it as a twist cream for twist outs, it also suggested that you could use it as a deep conditioner, which is what I did after using the Argan Conditioner to detangle. I think this product might be better suited as a twist cream or to revive your overnight curls, rather than a deep conditioner. The custard was very moisturizing, thanks to its ingredients, but didn’t provide the deep conditioning my hair needs.

Silk Buttercream Curl Smoothie:

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect curl smoothie for my wash-n-go’s, because my heavier twist and bradining cream don’t define my wet curls as much as I want them to. Nancy’s Kitchen’s Silk Buttercream Curl Smoothie has Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Rosemary Essential to help lock in moisture for whatever style you choose to do: A twistout, a braid out, or a wash-n-go. Because I didn’t have time to do a twistout, I opted for a wash-n-go with this product. After a couple of hours, my hair was very moisturized, but my curls didn’t have the definition I wanted them to have. I then decided to do a twistout with the curl smoothie instead, and see if I got better results with another style — and the results were in fact, better!

Overall, Nancy’s Kitchen knows how to target the needs of type 4 hair when it comes to moisture. My favorite was the Argan conditioner, because my hair needs a good detangling product before I deep conditioner, and their product does the job. Have you ever used Nancy’s Kitchen? If not, what product are you looking forward to trying out? Sound off in the comments below.