I’m a type 4 natural and I hate hair butters and oils. Now that I’ve said it, all the women who would like to tell me how I’m using them incorrectly or that I used too much listen carefully because I hate repeating myself: I just don’t like them. Deal with it.

It’s been said time and time again that what works for one natural does not work for all, and never has this been truer for me than when I started my natural hair journey. Naturally I entered my hair type and went to my appropriate forum and began asking way too many questions and stalking countless women. I wanted hair like the women whom I admired and thought that if I followed their regimens and used what they did, then my hair would be just like theirs.

Myth: All Type 4s Like Butters

Off I went to hunt down shea butter and oils, which was no easy task in Canada. I then proceeded to mix and whip and create my hair concoctions. Now imagine my dismay when time and time again I was left with dry, greasy, crunchy hair. Oh, and I vividly remember the oil stains from layering my leave-in then my moisturizer then my sealant. Those were not good times. It was always a constant guessing game to figure out how much product was too much or too little and, frankly, I just got fed up.

I finally figured out that my hair’s issues were because of the butters by complete accident when I just went to bed with a liquid leave-in in my hair one night. One can imagine how confused I was to find soft, shiny, moisturized hair the next morning. I continued to experiment with this by adding butters and oils slowly back into my regimen to see if they were the culprit, and now I can say with certainty that I am one of those type 4 naturals who can’t stand the stuff.

Truth: I’m Not The Only One

Since writing my last post where I briefly touched on this issue, it seems that I am not the only one. Thank God. It was getting lonely in this corner. There are probably many more women out there, but they might not figure it out anytime soon since the myth that all type 4s should use heavy products and layer is so deeply entrenched in the natural hair community. Couple that with the fact that most popular brands have this unnatural love affair with shea butter and fill their products with oil, it’s no wonder that many women have not been able to figure it out.

I just want to take this time to ask natural haired companies ever so nicely to pretty, pretty please create more products that are water based and have oils way down on the ingredients list. ‘Tis all I ask.

For the women who are reading this who can relate to having dry, greasy hair, the problem may not be solved by switching to another brand of products with shea as the first ingredient and oils for the rest. This is insanity, people. Just once try conducting this experiment to see if you too can join team #saynotobutter.

Advice: Test It Before Your Buy It

Go shopping for a liquid leave-in that is water based. Rub the product on your hand and allow it to be absorbed. If it leaves behind an oil stain, then quickly and without hesitation put it back on the shelf and move along until you find a product that leaves your hand moisturized without the stain.

Once home cleanse your hair then apply your product and style as usual. If once dry you are left with soft moisturized hair, then you know that you are one of us. If not, then your dryness and oiliness could be because you are using too much product. Remember you should only dip a finger or two into the jar to scoop up product not the whole hand.

And, just in case you were wondering, my favorite mix of all time for my hair is 2 parts liquid moisturizer or leave-in for 1 part aloe vera gel or juice. The moisturizer plus the shine and hold from the aloe vera gave me the best twist outs to date.

It felt good getting that off my chest. I’ve heard confession is good for the soul, so let me know of your hate for butters or your undying love for them.

And as always, remember to have love peace and curly haired bliss.

Chelsea Fregis


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