If you’ve been craving a color change for this upcoming winter, you can count on the creative curlies of Instagram to point you in the direction of the latest in hair color trends. Whether you’re in the mood for muted pastel colors, a classically dark look, or an unexpectedly bright pop of color, there you’ll find the inspiration you need from natural hair influencers and expert stylists, alike.

In addition to deep browns and blacks, we’re expecting to see some daring, more “summery” colors this season. Vivid auburns and fiery reds are making a come-back, along with pinks, blues and every faded color combo in-between—meaning the possibilities are endless if you’re feeling inventive. And we’re here to help you navigate through some options!

Ahead are 15 hair color ideas we love to help you decide on your new look to bring in the new year.

1. Image Source:@helysubervi


The smooth, effortless golden-brown hair color trend we all know and love is set to carry over into the winter months. It’s bright enough to draw attention, yet neutral enough to look stunning on anyone.

2. Image Source:@_lavidarosa

Not ready to part with the summer-time blonde look? If your hair is still blonde from earlier in the year, there’s no need to cover it up with a darker color. Try letting it grow out for a different look.

3. Image Source:@dgubeauty

Stylist and curly mama Daisy let her electric blue color fade over a few months, revealing a blue and pastel green ombré look. Try experimenting with faded hues for some abstract color combos.

4. Image Source:@toni_macaroni

Purple looks great on curly hair, and this look Toni achieved with hair paint wax proves it. Seriously, if you’d prefer to stay away from the dyes, try hair paint wax. It’s a game-changer.

5.Image Source:@aureefabienne

Aureé is glowing and keeping warm with her slightly muted copper tone curls.

6. Image Source:@nathaliebarrios

Gotta love some color contrast! Nathalie’s rich dark roots and bleach blonde highlights create a dramatic effect that intensifies the look of both colors.

7. Image Source:@sullyg

Fiery red is in this season, and we’re loving every minute of it. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a rich, vibrant red?

8. Image Source:@powerfluffgirl

For curlies who prefer less dramatic colors, get into these different shades of brown. Edwina’s multi-toned, brown curls look as if they could be completely natural.

9. Image Source:@gethaiya

Dubbed “smoky quartz” by the stylist, this color takes full advantage of the muted color trend.

10. Image Source: @tierechristyan

Tiere’s cool-toned blue-green look is fun and can be done easily at home. This mother-son duo used hair paint wax to achieve their look.

11. Image Source:@sueecakes

Bleach blonde in the summer and darker blonde for the colder months! Sue’s mixture of blonde and slight orange hues are almost a perfect match with the fallen leaves.

12. Image Source: @kat.curls

Dusty, faded looking pastel colors always look so effortlessly cool. Kat’s mauve curls add a dreamy bit of color, just enough to make a statement.

13. Image Source: @lyssamariexo

If you blink, you just might miss Alyssa’s understated pintura highlights. Pintura was started at Devachan salon, and allows colorists to find which curls catch the light the best and highlight them. If this look is for you, reach out to your local Deva stylist!

14. Image Source: @offbeatlook

Camille’s bold color combo gives us serious sunset vibes. Orange and pink never looked so good together.

15. Image Source: @stylefeen

Auburn and rust colored hair is a super popular among curlies this season, and Hortencia’s look proves why. The different tones of warm colors give her look a dimensional feeling that we love.

What recent hair color trends have you been keeping on your radar? Any plans to color your curls before the end of the year? Let us know all the details in the comments.