Winter is a great time to try a fresh new hair color that will add light and dimension to your curls. The options are endless, from the natural sun-kissed look, to bold all-over color, to ya shiny boost to your natural shade (and everything in between). But, because Winter is hard on textured tresses, there are special precautions that must be taken to keep them healthy. Below, stylist April Kayganich of Austin, TX shares some color inspiration and tips to ensure that your hair color makeover turns out perfect.


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Tip #1: Do an Olaplex Treatment.

One of my favorite things to recommend to clients before coming in for a color service is to do an Olaplex #3 treatment. This is a treatment that can be used once a week in between color services. It is a bond-building treatment that helps to fortify the hair before any chemical process. I have seen Olaplex work its magic for many years and I stand behind it! You can even book a stand-alone Olaplex treatment at your salon which will be an even more potent treatment.

Buy Olaplex #3 here.

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Tip #2: Book that color consultation.

Dry hair is prone to breakage, so adding color in the mix can be a dangerous thing! Make sure you have a consultation first before booking a color appointment so you and your stylist can manage expectations as well as maintain the integrity of your hair.

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Tip #3: Do a Steam Treatment.

Another thing you can do to increase hair's moisture during the winter is to do a deep conditioner while sitting under a steamer. Steamers are different from dryers because they open up the cuticle by using heat and water, compared to the dryer that just opens your hair with heat, and your result with the steamer is more hydrated hair. My favorite deep conditioner right now is Mizani True Textures Moroccan Clay Steam Mask

Mizani True Textures Moroccan Clay Steam Mask is a Naturally Curly Community favorite. It contains Moroccan Lava Clay along with olive, marula, and coconut oils. It deeply moisturizes, and then seals the cuticle for maximum sheen and definition. If you struggle with winter frizz due to the combination of dry, indoor air from forced heat, cold winter winds, and precipitation, this masque is a good choice. If you do not have a salon nearby that offers steam hydration services, you can amp up the moisturizing properties of this mask or another favorite by using it with a Hot Head thermal conditioning cap.

Tip #4: Make sure you get a haircut.

The weather can be very drying during winter because of the cold air. This is also the time when people will use heat on their hair more often so they don't have to leave their house with wet hair. The ends of our hair are the oldest, so they need the most care. To ensure that you're retaining length, make sure you get your ends trimmed.

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Once you’ve gotten that glorious hair color shade that you love, keep it glowing and growing with the following tips:

  • Schedule regular maintenance visits to the salon. Besides regular trims, which keep strands healthy and less prone to breakage and split ends, have the color freshened up as needed. This might mean a toning rinse, a root-refresh, or a few lowlights if your hair color looks washed out and needs more depth.
  • Avoid the box dyes. While it may be tempting to grab-and-go your signature shade at the pharmacy, this is the fast-track to dry, frizzy, damaged curls. Also, if you have high-porosity hair, special precautions must be taken to avoid over-bleaching or over-saturation of color.
  • Make your own blue or purple toning shampoo and use it regularly to mitigate brassiness. Click here for instructions.
  • When choosing a clarify shampoo, ensure that it is formulated for both curls and color. Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo has a gentle, curl and color-friendly chelating formula that gets out product-buildup, dirt, and impurities without stripping.
  • Consider using a shower filter. The minerals in hard water can make your hair color fade or look brassy or greenish.
  • Limit your use of heat styling tools as much as possible.

Image Source: @_thehalfrican

Are you get a hair color makeover this winter? Tell us all about it in the comments. If you are not quite ready to take the plunge, click here for the best temporary colors to try.