Sometimes with the change of seasons, curly girls feel like changing the color of their curls for a fresh start, or to match the new season! It is no different with the arrival of fall.

If you are thinking about changing the color of your curls to celebrate the arrival of autumn, then you’re in the right place! I’ll be sharing the most popular color trends for this season, in consultation with some very special curl experts. The most popular colors for fall have everything to do with warm tones.

According to curl specialist Evan Joseph, who is the founder of Evan Joseph Salon, “Changing your hair color for fall can be an amazing way to change things up. Popular colors are caramel, copper and red.”

A little reminder is necessary for blondes, though, says Joseph. “If you are blonde and choose to go to dark in the fall and winter, you cannot magically go blonde again in the spring and summer without putting stress on your curls!”

He recommends that blondes choose a shade no more than one to one-and-a-half times darker, or pick a shade at the same level they already have, in a warmer tone.

“This way it can fade by the time spring comes back around. At most salons, this can be done in the sink. These are called 'toners' or 'glosses' and are less of a commitment than coloring your hair in a single dark shade. They also provide more dimension because they are opaque, showing off the highs and lows in your hair, for a more natural effect”, he says.

1. Caramel

evan caramel

Caramel colored curls, image via @evanjosephcurls

Caramel is very popular during fall and winter seasons. This is a warm tone that can lighten up your entire look in a discreet way. This color looks beautiful on any curly girl, and particularly so on curly girls with warm skin tones.

shai caramel

Caramel colored curls, style and image via the Curl Doctor @shaiamiel

About achieving the beautiful caramel curls above, Shai Amiel (aka The Curl Doctor) says: “This client came in with over-processed bleach that dried out her curls, leaving them limp and lifeless. She had been following me on Instagram for awhile and was inspired by HEALTHY curls.”

Amiel says his client was hoping to get curls like those of the women in Amiel’s social media posts. “She had asked for a short cut that would give her more volume, but because it was so damaged, I didn't have any other option than to add some depth to the hair,” he says. “I decided to 'gloss' her hair with a caramel gloss. It gave her a warm overall look, but keeping her highlights.As a result, they stood out as a contrast. It added dimension to her color. It added shine and complimented her skin tone better than over-processed bleach. In the end, it felt like her hair actually grew out of her head in this way.”

2. Copper

chey copper

Bright copper colored curls, image via @cheyhair

Copper is another very popular and flattering color choice for curls during Autumn. Curl specialist Cheyenne Hairston, who also works at Evan Joseph Salon, says “Bright coppers will always be popular fall hair colors. They are so bold and beautiful and a nice way to transition your previous blond highlights from the summer.”

3. Red

evan red

Red colored curls, image via @evanjosephcurls

Lastly, if you want to go for a bolder statement look for your curls during fall, red is a great option. In fact, autumn is the perfect season to rock this color on your curls, because it matches the season beautifully as leaves change color, and temperatures begin to decrease. Red is the perfect way to add warmth to any cold day!

Are you thinking about changing the color of your curls as the fall season arrives? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!