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I've had the great pleasure of working on many articles and videos during my time here at NaturallyCurly, but the day I got to interview our Graphic Designer, Fran, and her boyfriend while he did her hair just might be my favorite. Topped only by the day my dad came in to do mine. We can talk co-washes and pre-poos until the sun goes down with our NaturallyCurly colleagues, but can the same be said for the men in our lives? We enjoy putting them to the test to find out just that.

Fran and Devan have been together for two years, and in that time they've quickly become our favorite world traveling, photo taking, #relationshipgoals making couple. As curly girls, our hair can tend to play a role in our romantic relationships. Whether it's our nighttime routine, the space our products occupy in the bathroom (and kitchen, and bedroom), and everything in between. We just wanted to see how closely Devan's been paying attention.

I asked Fran how she thought it went, and I'll also include a few of my favorite snaps of them so you can see the level of cuteness we're dealing with her. And be sure to watch the how it all unfolded - especially his innovative use of styling products.

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What were your expectations going into this?

A little anxious. I have hair products all over the bathroom, I would assume he would generally know what to use, when to use it, and how to use it since he's around a lot of the time I do my hair… but you never know. Thankfully my hair isn't too difficult so I feel like there's a lot of room for error with it still coming out "okay."

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Did you two prepare for the video at all?

Originally Devan and I were supposed to practice… so at first I had high hopes that he'd nail it! But we weren't able to practice… so we just had to wing it.

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Any other funny stories/tidbits you'd like to share?

He loves to call my hair plopping towel a "durag!" Sometimes before we go to sleep and I've just washed my hair he'll be like "You're not going to put on your durag tonight?"

What did you think of the final result?

It wasn't bad! Simple wash and go, a little flat a the top near my roots but the curls looked good. I didn't have the volume I normally like to achieve with plopping + clumping… but that's okay :)

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What did Devan have to say after you shot the video?

We discussed his logic on why he thought it was okay to start with a styler on my dry hair first and laughed about it all. He said he had over thought it and started second guessing himself as soon as the camera was on. Overall he had a fun time and might even consider doing my hair again if I asked him. :)

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Ok NaturallyCurly World weigh in... would you ever let your significant other style your hair?

Let us know in the comments! And happy Valentine's day from the NaturallyCurly family!

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