If we had a dollar for every time someone asked us one of these odd (and sometimes inappropriate”> questions, we would be rich.  

We polled the NaturallyCurly community on the most frequent and equally annoying questions from non-curly haired people. This is what you said has to stop:

  1. “Can I touch it?”
  2. “What are you mixed with?”
  3. “Is it soft?”
  4. “Is that all yours?”
  5. “How do you make it look like that?”
  6. “How long does it stay curly?”
  7. “How do you comb it?”
  8. “Can you use your hair as a pillow?”
  9. “Is that your real hair?”
  10. “Why don’t you straighten it?”
  11. “What happens if it rains?”
  12. “Don’t you hate it?”
  13. “Is it heavy?” 

Coilyluv1994 says: I had a huge fro and one of my husband’s co-worker asked if it was a wig. I looked at him funny, laughed and said, “that’s not very gentlemanly of you to ask, but I’ll answer it anyway because I’m proud of my hair, no it’s not a wig.” He looked real dumb after that. But I usually get ppl who ask me how I did my hair and what products I used. They want details. LOL.

breezymoni says: “Oh, I thought it was a perm…” The girl who said this new me from grade school! 2. “Poodle”, “Ramen noodle head.” 3. “Straighten it…When are you going to straighten your hair?…I love your hair straight!” 4. “How do you make it curly? Do you use coconut to make it curly?” 5. “You want some dry shampoo?” 6. “How do you even do ponytails?” 7. “Your hair isn’t even hard to take care of.” 8. “Straight hair is much harder”. 9. “Omh my hair is so tangled!” 10. “Which products do you use to curl your hair?” Ladies and gentlemen, ignore what everyone says about our hair because it is beautiful and they just don’t understand.

amberbrianna95 says: “Wow, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that,” or “Is this a wig?” like dark skinned girls can’t have 3b curls naturally. Or the constant tugging on my individual strands to watch it curl up again. Or “So, when you wet your hair it just curls like that?” like people come on… Curly hair is nothing new.

dawashington says: Well I’ve been wearing mine in a loose curl for two weeks now and was told today that, “this is my favorite, you should keep it. Don’t get the dreadlocks again!” I politely said, “I need to leave now, things to do at home.” Although we are seeing more naturals in the media and in society, I’ve learned that some in corporate America are still not ready to embrace a 4c. #notmyproblem

ten.aitch.ous says: Once, a complete stranger literally stopped me on the street and aggressively asked me, “How you get your hair like that?” I told her the truth. “It came this way.” She proceeded to tell me I must have black ancestors and I “better respect my heritage.”

ivyliz99 says: “My mom thinks your hair is fake.” It’s real. I would know. 2. *random person poking my hair* 3. “How do you get your hair to curl like that?” Ummm water….

What are you tired of non-curly haired people saying to you?

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