Is it actually possible to capture a vibrant, lasting hair color, and at the same time keep its natural essence and glow from a do-it-yourself hair coloring kit? From sad experience, many of us would offer a troubling story about our attempts. Beginning with the guess work of choosing which brand, formula and color that suits us and our particular hair type. The process gets even messier, from getting those dang plastic gloves on, to mixing and applying a hair dye that stains everything it touches: around your hairline, top of ears, clothing, towels and random other dark “spatterings” around the shower and bathroom. After completing the task, the most difficult part can be the big color reveal after you rinse, condition and style your hair.

Often, color treatments with their harsh ingredients can damage the hair itself, leaving you with anything but the desired results. And get this, because it fades quickly, you’re going to have to repeat this process all over again in a few weeks – oh snap!

While you may have some grays to cover, why would you put yourself through all this?

Luckily, the team at Bigen have taken the fear out of hair coloring at home, making it easy, safer and even better, Bigen’s Easy Color formulations gently enhance your natural color while delivering vibrant, lasting tones to your gray hair. No more scary, messy or hair-stripping results like your mom’s drugstore hair coloring kits. And guess what? Bigen’s formulas give optimum results for those with gray, textured and curly hair!

What About Those Grays?

In a recent #curltalk post on our NaturallyCurly Instagram, “laurahasheart” shares with our community her earlier than expected transition from natural color to gray, and issues about managing it:

“I'm turning 32 at the end of the month and going prematurely gray. Not just like one patch or a few strands here and there, but like enough to have salt and pepper hair. I actually kinda like the way it looks but also don't want people to assume I'm way older-- when I dye my hair people assume I'm much younger than I am. The upkeep though is a pain. I'm not really sure what to do, whether I'm too young to embrace them, how to make them look nicer, etc.”

During this transitional stage, gray hair acquisition has both visual and structural differences that can make adding a chemical color challenging. Similar to low porosity hair, gray hair can be resistant to accepting a color, and holding onto that color, which can become time-consuming and expensive to maintain. Bigen understands how color-resistant hair works, and offers products that protect and nourish each strand, deleting all the harsh chemicals like ammonia, minimizing the use of peroxide and other damaging ingredients that are often found in conventional hair dyes. Bigen also adds nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and olive oil which condition and enhance the health and vibrancy of your hair.

Take a look: Inside of Bigen Easy Color!

At last, you can color your own hair without a worry! Bigen Easy Color can be done at home using a brilliantly simple “2-way brush” application system, providing a long-lasting vibrant color, which is safe for you and your hair - no stains, drips about it!

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