british curly

When NaturallyCurly released their 2014 Best of The Best product winners, I was super excited. Every time it comes out I like to check and see if what I liked throughout the year was a hit for other curly girls too. It is also a good way to discover new products that are "must haves." But because I live in Europe, I cannot always find all those holy grails on the ground here. I order product several times per year from Curlmart, but there are times when I desperately need a product and I don't want to wait for it to be delivered.

I have been a Curly Girl since 2009! I have always alternated between local products and USA holy grails, and over the years I've discovered several dupes of my favorite brands that are available in Europe.
If you are a European curly or if you you are planning a trip overseas, you are lucky--here is my secret list of comparable products that you may want to try--in my opinion, some are actually BETTER than the original!

Generally speaking, the brand Phyto is great for styling products and the brand Lavera for masks, conditioners and shampoos.

The Original is listed first; then, the dupe follows.

They are available at Sephora, Globus and Naturasí.


All of the products mentioned "should be" silicone-free and CG-approved but as I always say, double check because I recently discovered that several products have a different formulation in every country. For example, my beloved René Furterer Karité Leave In is silicone-free in Europe but contains silicones in the USA. 
Next time you are shopping around in Europe get those products a chance and have fun discovering new wonders! Note: I have listed comparable products based on the results achieved, not the ingredients.