Traveling with curls can be complicated, especially if you are not prepared.

Product junkies usually don't pack light due to a new climate potentially changing your curl definition to frizz, or the possibility of conditioner exploding mid-flight. With so many factors, it’s best to have a list of essentials to make your travels worry-free. Here are some of my top tips.

1. A curly hair travel kit

Many of your favorite curly hair brands have created travel hair kits to take the guess work out of how many ounces you can bring in your carry-on. The majority of them contain a shampoo, conditioner and styler to have your bare necessities covered. Check out these brands:

  • Living Proof Curl Travel Kit (available at Walmart and Sephora)

  • DevaCurl The Kit For All Curl Kind (available at SHOP NaturallyCurly)

  • Oyin Handmade 5 Piece Snack Set (available at SHOP NaturallyCurly)
  • Jane Carter Solution Natural & Curly Hair Essential Travel Kit (available at SHOP NaturallyCurly)

2. Some plastic wrap 

There is nothing worse than arriving at your hotel to find your liquids have exploded in your bag. To avoid this from happening, take the lid off your bottles and add a square of plastic wrap over the opening. Screw the lid back on and rest assured that you have saved your clothing.

If you are really limited on space and don’t have the time or money to purchase a curly hair travel kit, you can squirt your shampoos, conditioners, body wash, stylers and lotion into sandwich bags. Just be sure to purchase bags that zip tight and don’t overfill them. You will be able to fold them and place all of your liquids into a quart-sized bag. When it’s time for use, you can unzip or cut a small hole in the corner to dispense.

3. Your free sample from that event

Sample packets make it even easier to travel because they contain at least one use. You can also receive them from online orders and your department store as a gift with purchase. Remember all of those samples the cashier offered you at Sephora? Consider those your new travel companions.

4. Some sample-sized jars

Investing in small sample jars are helpful for the products you use little of like edge control, pomades, and thicker creams.

5. A few small glass or plastic dropper bottles

Transferring your liquid oils into a dropper bottle is essential when you like precise measurements. You can purchase either glass or plastic at your local Walgreens or CVS.

6. An empty spray bottle

Just add water to refresh dry curls and styles or mix up your own leave-in conditioner.

7. The necessary styling tools

Wide tooth Comb, mini afro pick, brush are all a necessity for detangling curls, adding volume, and creating sleek styles on your trip. Most beauty supplies will have a travel-sized version of your hair tools.

8. An old toothbrush

This creates sleek edges and tame flyaways on sleek styles, especially on-the-go.

9. A satin scarf, pillowcase or bonnet

Unfortunately, most hotels do not provide curly guests with a satin pillowcase to protect our curls during our stay. Whether it is a scarf, pillowcase or bonnet, pack one in your suitcase to prevent friction on your curls.

10. A (soft) t-shirt

If you are planning to wash your hair on your trip, don’t forget to pack an old t-shirt to dry your curls. The hotel towels can be rough on your curls and cause frizz. T-shirts are also helpful for ‘plopping’ your curls, an easy way to speed up the drying process.

11. A disposable shower cap

Most hotels provide you with a disposable shower cap but if you are traveling somewhere that does not, keep one on you to prevent water from splashing on your styled curls.

12. A portable diffuser

If your hotel already provides a hairdryer, a diffuser attachment is essential to ensure your curls dry fast and frizz-free. Be sure to contact the hotel prior to your drip to find out what size the hairdryer is. Collapsible diffusers work great because they are space savers and have stretch to fit most hairdryers. Try Xtava Collapsible Silicone Hair Diffuser,   available at Walmart.

13. A mini hair dryer with attachments

If your hotel does not provide a hairdryer, another option is to invest in a travel hairdryer set that has a diffuser attachment. They’re small and sleek and fit comfortably in your carry-on. Try Xtava Jet Set Travel Hair Dryer, available at Walmart.

14. Plenty of bobby pins

A change in climate can change your normal wash n’ go into a bad hair day if you’re not prepared. Always keep plenty of bobby pins on you for emergency updos. Bonus Tip: Use an old Tic-Tac case to hold your loose pins.

15. Extra duckbill clips, barrettes, hair elastics, scrunchies

These are all necessary to dress up styles and keep your hair out of your face during a long flight or road trip.

16. An empty sunglass holder

Need a place to store all of your smaller items? Use an empty sunglass holder to hold bobby pins, clips, barrettes, and more.

Curly girl, do you pack light?

Be honest! Share your travel tips below in the comments.

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