Humidity refers to the measurement of water vapor or moisture in the air. An anti humidity product or an anti humectant product is a moisture blocker, and therefore decreases the potential for frizz and reversion if your hair is straightened. It may seem odd since most naturals need and want moisture, but sometimes we don’t need the extra moisture that the weather can bring.

What makes anti humectants work and what ingredients to look for

There are several components that contribute to the effectiveness of anti humectants, but the anti humectants that most curlies are familiar with are silicones. Silicones get a bad rap within the natural hair community, but they actually serve a valuable purpose for naturals in several ways. Most silicones are not water-soluble so they prevent the moisture in the air from penetrating your hair shaft and causing your strands to expand and contract; this helps when you do not want your twist out, braid outs, straight hair, and just about any stretched style to expand, shrink, and lose definition! Other ingredients that actually fight off humidity are ester, palm oil, beeswax, and shea butter.

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