Hair spray is not just for the straight-haired women looking for sleek ponytails. Curly girls want and use hair spray. We have very similar hair desires as straight-haired women but when we want a product that is tailored to us some brands tack on a higher fee. StacyBPT from Curly Q&A inquired about a less expensive version of her favorite hair spray for her curly hair. 


Is there a good & cheaper substitution for DevaCurl hairspray? I love it but $25/can is too much! The hold is just enough so I can re-do my hair another day or 2 without washing it and I actually like the smell and ingredients (for hairspray anyway). I don't want something that is going to cement my hair but I do want some hold. I also prefer to stay on the more natural side ingredient-wise. Thanks!


Yes, there are less expensive alternatives to your favorite DevaCurl Flexible-Hold Hairspray but they may not work as well. There's a reason DevaCurl was voted the community's favorite salon brand in 2014 and it won our wavy Editors' Choice award for favorite hairspray in 2015. While there are other options on the market, there are not many designed especially for curly girls, and when you find a need that is not being adequately met, prices tend to be higher.

What is hair spray?

Hair spray is a solution of polymers in a volatile solvent that when sprayed deposits a stiff layer of the polymer on the hair after the solvent evaporates. Their job is to keep your hair in place. There are light, medium, heavy to extra heavy hold variations but then there are even ones specifically for curly, color-treated, or persons wanting sun protection. Hair sprays have gotten a bad rap because of the aerosol cans and their ozone-depleting chemicals (chlorofluorocarbons) that have been eliminated since the 1970’s. Later it became a federal regulation with the Clean Air Act and the EPA restricting the use of CFC’s for non-consumer products. Now most consumer aerosol products are made using propellants like hydrocarbons and compressed gasses like nitrous oxide that do not deplete the ozone layer, according to Scientific American.

Do curly girls use hair spray?

There are numerous types of hair sprays now for hold, shine, or volume but there are even some for protection against the sun, while aerosol hair sprays are better for adding the finishing hold on a straight or blow out style non-aerosol sprays are better for locking in the shape and texture for curly hair. Price does matter according to Kathleen Firth, stylist and owner of Paul Mitchell Focus Salon Raika Studio in Manhattan told Women's Health. You get what you pay for and cheaper brands may leave behind a residue, not hold up as well, and may not necessarily be infused with those natural ingredients you love so much with DevaCurl Flexible-Hold Hairspray.

Popular inexpensive hairsprays for curly hair

You may decide to just stick with your favorite (even opting for the smaller $10 size) but you can always give one of the above brands a try and see if they give you what you want at a price you can afford. Invest in a great clarifying shampoo if you do choose a less expensive brand that may leave the residue you are trying to avoid to make washdays go smoother.

NaturallyCurly reader BrittanyMaria posted her photo on StyleNook and shared that she used DevaCurl's Flexible Hold Hairspray to help her achieve this look. If you'd like to post your own curly selfie to StyleNook, share it here