One of the many advantages of having curly hair is that we have so much room for improvement and experimentation of styles. We often have to mix and match different products together to get our desired look. Most of the time just one products doesn’t provide our hair with enough even though it would be great for our bank accounts unfortunately there isn’t one magic product that can do everything for your hair.

Of course, different hair types require different levels of moisture and hold. Take advantage of the many styling articles on NaturallyCurly.com and read the directions on your product labels, as they may recommend which products you should pair them with for the perfect cocktail. If you are stuck and don’t know where to start, use these 3 basic examples as a starting point for cocktailing curly cocktails that work well for 3 popular curly hairstyles!

1. Sleek Bun

Curly hair is not the easiest to tame so to get the perfect sleek bun you will need products that give your curls extra hold.

Use around a dime sized amount of the gel and smooth onto the hair that needs sleeking back (do not over do it as you may cause fakes from the build up of products”>. Use a bristle brush to pull the hairs back into a bun. To finish the style, put some of the edge control on your finger tip and rub it into your baby hairs. This will tame them and make the bun look more presentable.

2. Shiny Twist-Out

Twist-outs require cocktailing for perfect results. You need a mix of a moisturizer and a product with hold that will leave your hair soft when taken down.

Section freshly washed wet hair and apply your leave-in whilst detangling. Next, apply the curl enhancing smoothie on top of the leave-in and start twisting. Once your hair is dry apply a light oil of your choice to your fingertips and take your twists down.

3. Defined Wash-And-Go

The key to a great wash and go is to style when your hair is wet and not just damp. Apply your leave-in generously and then follow up with your curl cream. Make sure that the curl cream reaches every strand by finger combing it through section by section. You then can scrunch up the ends for added volume. Leave to air dry or diffuse on a low heat.

These 3 simple cocktails will leave you with soft, defined, moisturized curls that are picture ready. Adjustments are more than welcome.


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Have you found the perfect cocktail for your unique hair yet?

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