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During Editors’ Choice season the Editors of NaturallyCurly test, try and deliberate on the best products for curly hair for every curl pattern. It is a season of breaking habits and following the manufacturer’s instructions to provide the most accurate feedback for my respective hair type constituents at the NaturallyCurly headquarters. Since Nov. 12, every Sunday has been dedicated to trying Editors’ Choice products for 2015. Every Friday I load my car with a new regimen to try on my wash day.

As I try everything there is to offer from the curly hair industry in 2015, I have been forming a wish list of what I would like to see in 2016.

No more lackluster shampoo

Before anything, I section and detangle on damp hair before proceeding to the shower. I am a strong advocate of shampoo, because they allow for deep conditioners to be the most effective.

Given this fact, you would think shampoos wouldn’t be consistently lackluster. Most naturals share the same sentiment about shampoo: indifferent. Yes, you have sulfate-free shampoos, shampoo bars, suds free, etc., but they all seem to be underwhelming and it shouldn’t be this way. It doesn’t have to be this way. There should be more anticipation for shampoo.

I can only count on one hand a few shampoos that are game changers, but I would like more options. For 2016, I would like to see more brands create memorable shampoos. A clean scalp and fewer tangles is the experience I long for. Lather is a personal preference, but most curlies will agree they are ready for a cleanser that removes the buildup without causing tangles so our detangling efforts do not go in vain. To all the hair care research and development teams reading this, please make 2016 the year of moisturizing, tangle-free shampoo. 

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Master the moisture

Deep conditioner is my litmus test for a brand like salsa is my litmus test to Tex-Mex entrées. If the deep conditioner does not perform well, everything else tends to go downhill. As much as I raved about the importance of shampoo, I believe the deep conditioner is the foundation for maintaining moisture, which then renders the best styles. I understand there is money in selling curl definers, but sooner or later after unsatisfactory results, curiosity, and research, consumers will learn the best style primer is healthy, moisturized hair, and what better way to address a consumer’s concerns than by offering everything she needs.

Dual moisturizing stylers

Every Type 4 is not into gel. Plus, if I can’t apply the product without friction against my strands, what good is it? As more women are eliminating the use of combs, there is a need for products that have great slip or spreadability.  Also, adding more moisturizing properties would be great to eliminate the needs to seal and scrunch out the crunch. As of now, I can only have one moisturizer+styler product in my arsenal. The simpler the regimen the better, so let’s see more dual moisturizing stylers.

Master the basics, first

Innovation is best when used to improve upon the basic needs that already exist, but a brand should always master the basics first. Give me an exceptional shampoo and deep conditioner along with a dual moisturizer+styler, and you’ll make me a loyal consumer.