3 Tricks to Treat Your Curls

2012-10-15 11:14:37

3 Tricks to Treat Your Curls

Treat your hair to these easy conditioning tips to keep your curls full of moisture this fall.

October is not only a month of changing weather, it also includes Halloween costumes and trick or treating. With all those things on my mind, I decided to deal with the drier, cooler weather by treating my hair to new products and new product combinations.

1. Use Cleansing Conditioners

My first change was to start using cleansing conditioners for co-washing. I had been using a daily conditioner for this, but with the drier weather I wanted to add more moisture to my hair. I also wanted to try cleansing conditioners and maybe follow up with a conditioner if needed.

At the moment, Ouidad Curl Co-Wash is my favorite. Usually any product that uses the word "cleansing" to describe it immediately makes me hesitate in fear that my hair will have that stripped, dried out feeling after I use it. But this product was a surprise. It was moisturizing and I just did a quick conditioning rinse afterwards with Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner.  My curls really have to be very moisturized in the fall and winter, so this doubling up of products worked for me.

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Interesting about the protein. I'm on a two different protein regimen as prescribed by my stylist. I use a protein spray 1x week and a protein DT 1x week. It seems to be working.