As a natural hair and beauty editor, I am often asked questions about product recommendations. I aim to please my audience and I find myself reviewing and researching many products in an effort to be resourceful, but then I wonder am I secretly a product junkie ? The world may never know, but what I do know is that trying different products has taught me a ton. And I implore you to be open to try something new and this is why.

Healthier Ingredients

I am not encouraging you to replace all of your current products with new ones, that would be foolish and downright expensive, but when your current shampoo, conditioner, hair butter, cream, etc. runs out, I would suggest spending some time in the beauty aisle to see what other products are out there. Do not just look at the front of the package; turn the package around and breakdown the ingredient list. Your old shampoo that you have been using for your entire life probably contains harsh sulfates and drying alcohols that the newer products are not formulated with. Your conditioners may have silicones and parabens while the newer products have lots of rich oils and extracts to keep your hair moisturized without all the garbage ingredients that your hair just does not need. Be mindful that as the world is evolving, product manufacturers are listening to the complaints of the female consumer about the ingredients. Ingredients do matter and trying something new could ultimately be better not only for your hair but also for your body. 

Better Results

I love wearing my natural hair in a twist out, so when I try new styling products, I choose that style because I know it is foolproof. I know immediately if my results are on par, above par, or far below par. There are many a times that I have taken my twists down the night after using a brand new product and was stunned. Just when I thought my hair could never look better, I looked better than Beyoncé and JLo put together! This has also happened to me with conditioners, deep conditioners, and moisturizing products. There is nothing better than going on a moisture streak—that is what I call more than three days with moisturized hair that does not require refreshing!

Life Changes

I am not one that likes to change my hair color, but if you decide to use permanent hair color, it would be best for you to upgrade your current products to products that are made for color-treated hair. Shampoos for color-treated hair enhance the new color and prevent it from fading. Conditioners for colored hair will intensify the moisture. If you have decided to heat style your hair, then you should invest in heat protectants. As the seasons change and as you age, your core products can also work inefficiently, especially if they have been reformulated without your knowledge.

Save Money 

As a mom of two, I have started counting my coins in pampers. And with so many products on the market, pricing plays a large role in how people are choosing which products they buy. If you are a mom with a daughter or daughters, then you surely need a lot of product. If you are a student in college or just recently on your own for the first time in your life, you may not be able to afford an arsenal of brand new products in addition to your rent, utilities, and takeout. I find companies like SheaMoisture are doing their absolute best to keep product costs low while still giving their consumers healthy, safe ingredients in large quantities so they do not have to repurchase them monthly. Your old products may be on the higher end in smaller bottles and not as healthy for you and your hair.

You know your hair and what it likes. Do not change everything; just be open to finding something better when it makes sense. If you have been eyeing a product, it is likely that I have reviewed it. Feel free to check out my product reviews on my YT channel.