Social media buzz sometimes has a way of convincing us that we need a product our curls might actually not benefit from.
pictured: @DevriVelazquez courtesy of @B_Will_Made_It
So you overlooked the fact that the product's packaging clearly states that is is meant 'for wavy, thinning hair' and your texture is not that at all--but why the heck not , right? Then
 a short time after spending days excitedly anticipating and plotting to get your hands on something totally unintended for your hair's needs you might-- gasp --be met with some disappointment. But don't fret: here's what you can do should you find yourself victim to wasting money on a product that didn't work.

Change the way you use it.

Let's say the product you are considering tossing out is a gel that hasn't been working well for your wash-and-go style. Next time, try venturing outside of your usual curl-defining technique by using the product on a flexirod set or a twist-out. Another option is to cocktail it with one of your trusty holy grail products that complement the attributes boasted on its label. For example, if it is a gel, layer it on your favorite moisturizing cream to counter the crunchiness it gave your curls last time.

Regift it to another curly you know.

Perhaps you have a family member, colleague, or a neighbor with textured hair who might get value from the product that your curls didn't like. We all know that every head of hair is unique, and instead of letting your good money and effort go to waste, why not pay it forward with a surprise gift to someone else?

Trade it for something else at a product swap.

With the natural hair movement evolving to such great heights, there are more events and meetups happening than ever. Take advantage of the next one in your city by bringing a baggie of some of the products you have been trying to get rid of for the sake of reclaiming bathroom counter space. You might be surprised how many naturals are willing to pounce on something that didn't work for you.

Document your experience when using it.

Some naturals find that keeping a product journal is helpful for remembering the routine and results of a specific regimen, including the combination of products used for a desired look. By process of elimination, consider the order of products and the humidity level that day, to name a couple of variables, you can avoid making the same mistake the next time you attempt to use your new product. Experiment a few times before crossing that product, brand or line off the list completely.

What do you do with products you don't like?

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photos of Devri courtesy of @b_will_made_it