Many of us curly girls happen to also be product junkies. Not because we want to be, but because we are excited about all of the new products accessible to us! With so many products out there to try, it feels like an inevitable truth that there must be something out there that works miracles on your hair. And when we find that Holy Grail product, we always use it until the perceived benefits of that product have diminished, and then we are back on the hunt for another. I have several different products that I use in rotation to combat product fatigue—aka getting tired of frequently used products. Here are some things I do when I am tired of using a particular product. 

Change Your Style 

Different products have different benefits, and I like all of the products I use for different reasons. That being said, when I get tired of a particular product, it usually means I am also tired of my current look. For instance, you can do a wash and go in many different styles—fluffy and loose, defined, semi defined—you name it. I have products I like to use for each of those scenarios, so when it is time for something new, I figure out what product I am going to need to achieve my next go-to look.

Change Your Lineup

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the product I am using and I want to continue with my current styling regimen, but somehow the product just is not working for me. In those situations, I will also figure out what I do and do not like about said product and then try to find a product that is comparable to its qualities.  

Change Your Strategy

There are those products you buy that work just fine for something else, meaning they do not work that well for their intended use, but they work great for some other style. For instance, a curling cream may not work that great for me, but in an effort to not deliberately pour money down the drain, I may use it as a twisting cream. If I purchase a product for a wash and go and I do not like it, I may use it in a curly ponytail because I am less finicky about how the curls in my ponytail look or I may be going for a messier look.

If All Else Fails, Gift It

Other times a product just did not live up to what it was cracked up to be, and at those times I take a new route and find something that will work better for my hair. Those products tend to sit until I find someone to give them to, because if a product does not work as well for me as it might work for someone else.

So, there you have it! When you get tired of a product do you repurpose it or give it away?