Summer is here–with that, there’s a whole new hair game to master.

naturally wavy hair diffuser

For my waves, it seems that every season I have to drop what I was previously doing that worked so well and move on to a new routine in order to combat whatever comes with it. Summer = humidity. The solution to this problem is a diffuser.

Summer = humidity. The solution to this problem is a diffuser.

While many in the curly community try to avoid using heat on their hair, during the summer months it can become unavoidable. We also know it can be annoying (and even dangerous“> to wet hair constantly. So what to do to beat this summertime foe? Grab your favorite blow dryer and take a look at some of the best options to use to diffuse your hair.

Xtava Black Orchid Diffuser

This is a classic bowl type diffuser. My hair sits inside the diffuser while air is gently directed around it. This minimizes frizz and drying time. The large bowl on this diffuser is great for those with longer hair who are looking to add volume to their wash and go.

Collapsible Diffuser by The Curly Co.

For those lacking the bathroom space to store a huge diffuser, here’s an option. Don’t let the size of this diffuser fool you, either–it fights frizz and boosts the body of my hair just as well as the rest of them. With a flat top, this diffuser is best suited for wavies with shorter cuts.

Hot Sock Diffuser

A traditional bowl diffuser, this hot sock diffuser can give results more like a blow dryer, while still helping to reduce frizz and flyaways.

DevaCurl DevaFuser

This is a completely different take on the finger diffuser. It has fingers that reach out to get 360-degree air flow all through my waves, and can get up by your roots to add volume and can also lift the ends to “scrunch” your hair for maximum curl definition.

Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment

If you prefer to use curlformers or rollers with your curls, this softhood can make the drying process faster and more convenient. Use it for deep conditioning treatments with a cap, too.

Why diffuse in the summertime?

With these five options, you are able to dry your curls quickly and without so much frizz. It is important to remember when using heat on your hair to use deep conditioning treatments weekly to minimize the amount of damage you are inflicting on your hair.  Also when blow drying your hair, remember to keep the heat setting at cool/warm, this is more than enough to dry your hair without as much damage.

Although adding a heat tool to a curly hair routine can be a little nerve racking, during the humid months this addition can make all the difference in getting the style that you want. Explore all your options for your diffuser and make sure to treat your hair to some extra treatments and you can make it through this summer with your curls intact!

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Becky Woodford

Becky Woodford

My name is Becky, AKA The Polished Curl. I am a YouTuber trying to help people learn to love and accept their naturally wavy or curly hair with tips and tricks I have learned through my own curl journey. You can find me on YouTube and Instagram.

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