From deep conditioners, to curl definers, to gels--I get excited when hearing a new line or product is out on the market (or finding about one I didn't know about).

I have to admit that some new products are hits and misses but I can’t help but to buy a curly hair product that has been getting some hype. These are the 5 hair care products that I couldn’t wait to try this month.

1. Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker

It’s wash-n-go season for me, so I am into buying curl definers and gels that are light weight, don’t create a sticky film, and give me instant curl definition. I decided to purchase this gel after reading that it contains marshmallow root and agave leaf extract, known to give natural slip to work through those tangles. This product provides amazing hold and shine without leaving my hair flaky or gummy.

2. Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner

This conditioner has been getting a lot of hype. I’ve read tons of great reviews about it, and the one thing that stuck out to me was that this conditioner can double as both a rinse-out conditioner and a leave-in. I am a huge fan of products that can do double duty so I had to buy it. I also love this conditioner as a co-wash mid-week when I decide to refresh my wash-n-go style.

3. Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle

My love for curl gels is strong and had to try another gel for my wash-n-go routine. I came across Curl Junkie’s Curls in the Bottle on and was convinced from the positive reviews to give it a try. After my first use, I noticed that my curls were super soft and defined. Yes the curls were poppin’! This is a very light gel and isn’t too heavy. This product also works to combat any frizz with second and third day wash-n-go. It’s a winner for me.

4. Ouidad Texture Taffy

I have tried and loved Ouidad’s curl products in the past and thought to give this texture taffy a try. I was a bit concerned that it would make my hair super sticky and cause build up. I used this product in my wash-n-go routine to lay down my edges that tend to get a bit frizzy throughout the week and spritzed a bit of water to reactivate the product. The texture taffy also works well to create super sleek styles and helps control the frizz from humidity.

5. Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine

This is the first product I bought from the Nourish & Shine collection--I like to try at least one product from a line and see how it works first. Similar to other products, I bought this product based on the numerous positive reviews. It is an all-natural blend of essential oils that deeply nourish my transitioning hair, fights frizz, and provides shine. I also love that this butter applies easily to the hair and will work great for 3C-4C curls and coils.