I’m a sucker for trying every new and little-known hair natural curly hair product on the market–a true product junkie.


As a true product junkie, I’m constantly trying new products from both large and small independent brands and came across some hidden gems. Here are the 5 virtually new and untalked about naturally curly hair products I think you need to know about now.

1. Pure Naturals with Smooth Moisture Coconut Oil Butter Crème

I stumbled across this product earlier this year after deciding to let go of one of my favorite curly hair products, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Not only was I was drawn to the fact that this product was under $10, but it contained similar all natural ingredients such as coconut oil, hibiscus, and mango butter. This product has a light but thick consistency and is great for any protective styling. After my first use, this product I noticed my twists were super defined with light hold and with no sticky film. I was stoked to find a new holy grail product.

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2. MYHoneyChild Honey Hair Mask (available at CurlMart“>

There are not enough good things I can say about this product. I came across it late last year after I wanted to switch up my hair regimen. I was tired of using As I Am Conditioner and thought to give it a try. Using this product, I noticed that it had a light, silky consistency that wasn’t not too heavy, gave me slip to break through tangles and easily, and penetrated my hair shaft. It was a real deep conditioner. I noticed that I had a lesser amount of hair shedding, so I was pleased with this product.

Here’s what YouTube creator, CamilleElle thought about the MyHoneyChild Honey Hair Mask:

3. Blended Beauty Curl Styling Butter (available at CurlMart“>

A new curly hair product in my transitioning hair regimen, this butter styling crème is definitely a hidden gem. When I found this product was wasn’t looking for a new cream moisturizer or butter, but thought it would be great to try. Blended Beauty Curl Styling Butter has a thick consistency but leaves no sticky film. It is perfect for those with type 3b-3c hair and type 4a curls and coils. You’ll look forward to a bomb twist-out or braid-out with this product.

Here’s what YouTuber creator, MakeupandBeautyJunkie, thought about the Blended Beauty Curl Styling Butter:

4. Darcy’s Botanicals Curling Cream Gel (available at CurlMart“>

Okay, so I admit that I have a soft spot for cream gels; when I noticed that Darcy Botanicals had one, I just had to get it. If you’re a huge fan of the wash-n-go, you have to give this crème gel a try. This cream gel is great for both looser and tightly defined curls and coils that can be used alone and light to work well with other products.  I experienced no flakes, no product buildup, and no crunch. This cream gel is now a staple product in my wash-n-go routine.

Here’s what YouTube creator, CurlliciosJae, thought about Darcy’s Botanicals Curling Cream Gel:

5. Green Beauty Real Protein Treatment

My hair went through a pretty rough patch as I was using too many products that didn’t work well for my curls, leaving them matted and mushy. I decided to try this product since I researched the signs of an unbalance of moisture and protein. I was pretty susceptible to trying it but thought it would be the best thing to recover my hair. The results from one protein treatment using Green Beauty’s REAL Protein Treatment, my curls were super defined, soft, and highly moisture. Knowing what this protein treatment can do for my hair, I began to use this as a pretreatment before any heat styling with a blowout or flat iron. If you chemical treat or heat style your hair often, this is a must have to offset the possible damage. 

Here’s what YouTuber creator, Cassy California, thought about the Green Beauty Real Protein Treatment:


What under the radar products are you in love with?

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