Believe it or not, but there are many tools that we are utilizing incorrectly. Are you ready for five wow moments?

bobby pin hand

Your bobby pins

Many women use their teeth to open bobby pins. However, this is something you should not do since you are ruining the stability of the tool. Chances are, you have also been applying bobby pins upside down.

You need to slide the flat part of the pin into your hair, the wavy side should face up. Therefore, you should not open the bobby pin. If you wish for it to have more hold, consider using the larger ones. Read more here

Your hair brush

Many people continue to make the mistake of detangling their hair by brushing from the roots all the way down to the ends. As a consequence, the person does not notice any hair growth because of continuous breakage. Instead, start detangling the ends first, then slowly work your way up the shaft in small sections until you reach the roots.

Your hair dryer

Do you regularly clean out the air vents of your hair dryer? If not, you may be spending longer than you need to drying and styling your hair. If you have noticed that your blow dryer does not work as well as it used to, that may be because the buildup of dirt in the air vents disables the flow of air through the appliance. Spending more time than you otherwise would applying heat to your hair means the risk of incurring heat damage.

Your straightening iron

Most women like to turn up the heat to the maximum. However, this is not a smart move when it comes to textured hair. Not only do you risk heat damage, but this may be unnecessary for your hair type. Follow this temperature guide for using heat on your individual hair type

  • fine or damaged hair should use 360 degrees and below
  • normal to medium hair can use 360 to 280
  • thick, coarse and curly hair can use 380 to 410 degrees

Microfiber towel

Many women tend to rub or move the towel over the hair in order to dry the curls. Consequently, they experience frizz and tend to throw these towels away. Instead, you should be plopping your hair in order to let your towel soak the excess of water. This will also keep your curls in tact so that when it dries you will have better curl definition.