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As we fumble around in this curly world we find ourselves missing the mark on some products, styles, and even hair colors. It’s ok to make mistakes and finding your Holy Grail takes trial and error. Whether you are a product junkie or loyal to only a few brands, ending up with something you hate or have no use for is going to happen. What to do? Well, the obvious answer is to just shove it under your bathroom sink but there are other viable options. We’ve got five to be exact and you are sure to find at least one that is right up your bad product alley.

Donate to a homeless or women’s shelter

We often remember to donate our old clothing, appliances and furniture, but hair care and body products are also important. These products are always in need and many shelters will take them gently used. Just look at one of your local shelters and ask, but I am more than sure you will have no problems donating them. Don’t feel like you are giving them bad products but rather see it as a chance for it to work for someone else. Remember, just because it did not work for you does not mean someone else will not fall in love with it. You are doing a great service to someone in need.

Swap at hair event

Hair events have exploded over the last few years. Depending on your city, state, or region, many are held monthly and even weekly. I have yet to hear of an event that did not host a product swap. Now, most of them prefer gently used or new products and the rules are usually pretty clear. Some even have sanitized stations for the gently used items. This is a great way to not only unload some items that got barely used but to pick up something that you might want to try. Some curly girls even host their own swap parties regularly so you can unload what you no longer need or want.

Sell them

This may be harder to do with used items but if you have something brand new with the packaging still intact and not rancid, then opt for this choice. eBay and Craig’s List are big marketplaces for this.

Return it to the store

If all else fails, try to return it. Many stores accept returns, like Whole Foods Market, but here are a few tips to keep in mind. You should always keep your receipt and the original packaging just in case. This makes for returning it easier and increase the likelihood of the store accepting it. Also, don’t tarry. If it really is not working for you, then your best bet is to take it back as soon as possible with your receipt, the packaging, and even the store bag if you kept it.

What do you do with products that don’t work for you?

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