Being a Product Junkie (PJ”> can be exhausting not to mention expensive and quite time-consuming. There is just so much to try! If you have a PJ itch, then you are afraid to run into Target for fear of spending your entire paycheck when all you needed was toilet paper. It is an expensive habit that can get out of control if you do not reel it in.

How do you reel it in? Well, you can really limit your spending or you can find creative ways to simply enjoy your retail habit and not at your own expense! Sounds far-fetched? Not really, because I’m going to show you how to curb it a tad and also find ways to enjoy it without breaking the bank!

1. Create a hair product/accessory budget

I am getting the most obvious solution out of the way before the fun stuff, but if you really want to fix the problem, then you will have to put on your big girl panties and create a budget. While we probably all need to create a budget for our lifestyle, having a hair product budget is a great way to reel in the need to buy every new product in sight! Allow X amount of dollars per month or pay period for hair products and stick to it! This will eliminate any guilt you have for your PJism by staying within your budget and still trying what you want.

2. Stay off the blogs!

Stay away from the temptation that causes you to become a product junkie. The reason being everyone is trying something. There is always something new to you that someone is bragging on or claiming as their holy grail. It can become quite hard to resist if you see your favorite vlogger telling you what worked best for her, so limit your watching and reading on hair blogs so you won’t be tempted. If the store is your problem, then don’t hit the hair aisle when shopping unless specifically shopping for hair products.

3. Enter giveaways

I love giveaways and will enter just about anyone I see. If you are a PJ and really do not have the budget to be one, then this is an ideal way to get free products. This is great if you love receiving packages in the mail too!

4. Reach out to brands for samples and possible reviews

Many brands post reviews on their site, so hit a few up that you are interested in, tell them you want to try their product for a truthful review, and see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised and find yourself becoming a regular reviewer. Not every brand will oblige but nothing beats a failure but a try.

5. Become a reviewer on Fiverr

Now that I’ve sparked your reviewing bug, you can become a reviewer for brands and bloggers on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Many brands and even freelancers need someone to review products for them and will get them for you at no expense to you. If you really like trying new products and like discussing or taking pics on how they worked, then you may find yourself becoming a blogger or vlogger just for the products.

If all else fails, embrace your inner PJ! While this can be nerve-wreaking for your hair and your time, some of us truly have no issues with being a PJ and can afford the added expense PJism can become. No shade and no judgment as I just feel some enjoy PJism and have found ways to work with it in their lives and hair care routines. If it becomes too expensive, then opt for one of the tips above and enjoy your product journey!

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