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If you are new to the world of locs, there are different ways to start locking, such as free forming, interlocking, coils, and two-strand twist. Once you have started, there are plenty of fun ways to style your locks like ponytails, buns, updos, and even curls! You will also need to find the products that agree with your hair as you work with your new style. Or maybe you have been loving your locks for years and are just looking for something new to add to your Holy Grails. Check out these brands for locs!

1. Dr. Locs

Dr. Locs offers a Pre Cleanse cleanser that includes apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil that can be used to remove product buildup before shampooing. The Jinan Leave-In Conditioner can be used daily to help hydrate your scalp and locs. The leave-in conditioner contains coconut oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil.

2. Knatty Dread

Knatty Dread offers a variety of products, including Knatty Dread Dreadlocks Cream. This is a lightweight cream that has lanolin and shea butter to moisturize the hair. In addition, Knatty Dread also shares tips and tricks for creating and maintaining locs that you can find on their website.

3. Lockology

Lockology offers an Aloe and Rose Hydrating Mist that includes aloe gel and rosewater to help refresh, moisturize, and condition the hair. Lockology also offers a Coconut Lemongrass Moisturizer that includes but not limited to coconut oil, lemongrass oil, castor oil, and avocado oil. This blend can help promote hair growth and relieve itchiness from scalp. Plus, can take you on a tropical paradise from the aroma!

4. Jamaican Mango and Lime

Jamaican Mango and Lime offers an array of products for cleansing and loc maintenance. The Tingle Shampoo includes tea tree extracts and will gently cleanse your hair, relieve an itchy scalp, and will also remove product buildup. The Locking Gel Resistant Formula offers extra hold without the flakes or buildup and is a great option for re-twisting.

5. Taliah Waajid

“Lock It Up” is infused with yarrow root, rosemary, Indian hemp, and nettle. This product will aid in preventing frizz and will help your styles last longer without the hard and crunchy hold. Taliah Waajid offers a Loc Maintenance bundle that includes Lock It Up, Stimulating Herbal Cleanser, and Protective Mist Bodifier to help cleanse and moisturize locs older than six months. The Starter Locs Bundle includes Lock It Up, Moisture Clenz, and African Healing Oyl to help keep the hair moisturized for locs less than six months.

6. Live Locs

Live Locs is a brand that provides products to moisturize and cleanse locs. Live Locs brand provides a Honey Loc and Retwist Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner, Protective Shine, and Honey Loc Butter. Live Locs products use local raw organic honey, cultivated by Peace River Bees in Zolfo Springs, Florida. How sweet is that?

What brands or products do you use for your locs? Please share with the loc and dreads community.

Ashley Glenn

Ashley Glenn is a Baltimore lifestyle blogger and founder of Ashley Glenn Blog. She believes that every curly has beautiful curls, no matter the shape, size, or texture.

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