Treating your dandruff in the winter is a bit different than treating it in the warmer months. Your scalp is more likely to be exposed to cold air, which can cause increased dryness and irritation. We have to not only constantly moisturize our hair, but also keep our scalps clean to avoid buildup. Before we talk about treatments, this next tip is essential to the treatment process.

First, you should make sure that you have dandruff and not a dry scalp. I suggest scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist or trichologist to confirm whether it is dandruff and if you need a special medicated shampoo or oil. Although dandruff cannot be cured, it can be controlled. After your doctor visit, you will have a better idea of your scalp condition and how to approach your treatment, so definitely follow the recommendations of your doctor. For those who like at-home scalp treatments and maintenance here are some helpful remedies:

ACV (apply cider vinegar) rinses are definitely worth a try. A rinse can help balance your pH.
Dandruff Shampoo 
If your doctor did not prescribe a medicated shampoo, try one of these Top 10 Dandruff Shampoos . Look for ingredients such as tea tree oil or peppermint oil. It will help relieve the itch and also kill bacteria from your scalp. While shampooing your scalp, let the shampoo sit for five minutes to allow the shampoo to work its magic. It is also best if you shampoo your hair once a week or twice if you regularly exercise. It is important to keep the scalp clean.
Scalp Massage
Scalp massages can also help control your dandruff. Coconut oil, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil are great options for a massage. Try scheduling a scalp massage twice a week to keep it moisturized. It will also help you relax.
Watch Your Products
Try not to use too many different products and brands at once. Different brands use different ingredients and they can react to the other products in your regimen.  Stick to one or two brands so you can monitor your flakes and see what causes them to worsen.
Make sure that you keep your body hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of water each day. It will help flush your system. Remember, you scalp is skin too! What you put in your body will show by the way your hair and skin looks. You will be surprised how something simple as drinking water can help your skin.
Take Note
I recommend keeping a journal to write down all of your observations while you are treating your scalp. It is a great reference to review, especially when you want to know if a regimen is working. If you need to schedule a visit to the doctor, your journal is a great way to share your observations with your doctor.

What are your favorite tips for controlling dandruff? Is there a certain product that helps control your flakes?