'Tis the season for last-minute gift ideas.

Whether we check off your list early or wait until the very end, we all need some ideas for our last-minute items or hard-to-find perfect gift. Perhaps you forgot Aunt Sarah or Uncle Paul again? Or maybe you just need to add some items to your own stocking this year. Here are some uncommon gifts and ideas that will make you shine as the gift giver.

Stila Color Wheel

Beauty Junkies: How about a Stila Color Wheel eye shadow palette, which will say you truly inspire creativity.

Cupcake Tee

Crafters who craft: From Naturally Sweet Tees, how about a special tee that lets your curly girl loved one proclaim her love for her curly hair. Super cute designs feature cupcakes as curlies!

Uncommon Good Stockings

Crunchy-green earth lover: These funky wine bottle gift stockings are more than just a playful twist on a holiday tradition. Made from recycled rice and feed bags once used to transport rice or fish food in Southeast Asia, these bags were destined for a landfill, but instead have been given new life by Fair Trade artisans in Cambodia.

Quotable Wine Towels

Intellectual: Quotable Wine Towels. What pairs better with wit and wisdom than a full-bodied burgundy? This set of wine towels features choice quotes about wine from history's most influential leaders and writers, including Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway.

Shimmer and Bliss Silk Scarf

Fashionista: From accessories maker Shimmer and Bliss, we suggest a beautiful 100% silk scarf, handcrafted and crinkled with a raw finish. This lavish (but affordable) gift says you know the receiver has a sense of style.

Jet Set Case for iPad

Tech geek: Michael Kors Jet Set Case for iPad. This python print in this Apple-exclusive case says you can be a geek but be stylish, too.