Even though naturally curly hair may appear effortless, there are many factors that help it look that way. The haircut, the wash routine and styling products are only half the battle.

You curly hair tool arsenal makes up the other half.

There are 8 absolute essentials that I personally can’t live without.

1. Afro Pik

If volume is what you desire, an afro pik is a must. In fact, you may want to invest in two so that you have one at home and another in your bag. Using a pik can dramatically change the look of your style to create big hair. You can easily trick everyone into thinking that your hair is thick.

2. Assorted Hair Accessories

This list can go on and on but some of my necessities include:

  • Bobby Pins: Such a small and simple hair accessory that can create endless updos and keep individual curls out of your face.

  • Hair elastics, scrunchies and ties: At any given time you will find one of these wrapped around my wrist ready for my pineapple ponytail.

  • Metal double-prong curl clips: These are very versatile because I can use them to hold rollers in place, add lift at my roots and stretch individual curls while my hair is drying.

  • Hair Flair: Taking my styles from casual to elegant is as simple as adding an embellished barrette, headband, banana clip or hair comb.

3. Diffuser

Air drying my curls are preferred but if I’m in a rush or want an added boost of volume, I diffuse. An attachment will help reduce the amount of frizz that a blow dryer alone can create. Keeping it on the lowest heat setting (or on the cool setting) will give your curls the best results.

4. Hair Steamer

The use of steam in my curls is a newer concept but now that I’ve been using it, I can’t live without it. The Q-Redew Handheld Vapor Wand has been life-changing for my curls because it’s so multi-purpose. It reshapes my curls when they start to look lifeless, adds volume to my roots, detangles and stretches with ease, and makes my deep conditioners more effective.

5. Heatless Styling Tools

Having an assortment of flexi and perm rods gives you the option to change the size and look of your curl pattern. By setting your curls in these rods, you can have beautiful results without the use of heat. On my fine curls, flexi rods work great and only require a wet-set with water on stretched 2nd or 3rd-day hair.

6. Satin Pillowcase

A great night time routine will ensure perfect curls the next day. That’s why some form of satin is needed to protect your curls overnight. While satin scarves and bonnets are popular, I prefer sleeping on a satin pillowcase because I never have to worry about it slipping off my head; my skin benefits from it too.

7. Shower Cap

In order to keep my second and third-day curls frizz free when it’s time to bathe, I wear a large shower cap. Even the tiniest amount of water on my curls will cause unwanted frizz, so I keep one handy in the shower. In addition, I use disposable shower caps for deep conditioning so that I can toss them out after and the residue doesn’t stay in the cap.

8. Wide-Tooth Comb

It doesn’t matter what curl type you have, a wide-tooth comb is essential to handle your tangles. After applying my conditioner, I use it to easily detangle by starting at my ends and working up to the root. The wider spaces in the comb help the process.

What's your density? What tools are in your styling arsenal?

Let us know down below in the comments.