One week down and I'm still loving my Brazilian Blowout. My hair is so much softer, and I haven't had any frizz, despite fog and rain. My curls are more shiny and defined.

Here are some of the differences I've noticed.

First, I need less hair product. My hair feels less coarse and a little finer, so I need less conditioner and styling products.

It takes less time to style. I diffuse for about five minutes and I'm good to go. Then I scrunch out any crunch and I have defined curls all day.

My hair is much less frizzy after a workout. I used to have a halo of frizz. Now, it is smooth and shiny, even after a sweaty spin class.

The biggest adjustment has been getting used to having less volume, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. My curls still have a lot of bounce and body, but they occupy less square footage on my head.

Stay tuned!