Use Me Products team at ABS Chicago

Want to maximize your curls while minimizing your carbon foot print?  Check out Use Me Products, an environmentally friendly product line that focuses on natural ingredients and sustainable packaging while ensuring that your hair is in great health.

Use Me Products were developed five years ago out of frustration that there were no available professional-grade products that valued both a sustainable ethos and performance. The result is a comprehensive eight-product line thats not only great for hair, but also good for the planet.

Use Me's ingredients are organic, vegan and sourced from within the United States in an effort to support local farmers. Additionally, the BPA-free bottles can be refilled at one of Use Me's refilling stations. But wait, it gets better: 1 percent of Use Me's sales go to 1% for the Planet, an environmental organization bringing together a global community of companies donating their money to sustainable causes.

In addition to the curly-fave Curl Up & Shine Cream, Use Me's signature Curly Blowout Technique was a huge hit at the Texture Pavilion at the this year's America's Beauty Show!

"We had people crying because they had never seen their curls look so good," exclaimed founder Alanna York. "It was definitely a highlight of the show."

Use Me's Curly Blow Out

Use this technique for perfect curls at home!

In Her Words

Michelle BreyerMichelle's curls after a Use Me Curly Blowout.

The Curly Blowout uses a specific sectioning and twisting method that enhances and accentuates an existing curl pattern for superior results. Use Me's Founder Alanna York explains how to do the Curly Blowout technique:

  • Begin with very wet hair & apply Curl up & Shine from the mid shaft to ends, concentrating on "problem" areas.
  • Section hair into 1"- 2" wide horizontal sections (the larger the section, the larger the curl) beginning from the top until you have a minimum of four horizontal sections going ear to ear.
  • Beginning with the bottom section at the nape of the neck, create a sub section 1"- 2" wide (again the larger the section, the larger the curl) smooth the section, twist around finger and gently "scrunch"  to encourage curl. Continue for the rest of the first section.
  • Remove clip from second horizontal section and repeat section by section, applying additional Curl Up & Shine where needed. Be sure to keep hair very wet until all sections have been twisted.
  • Air dry or use a diffuser to remove about 80 percent of water.
  • Do not touch curls until hair is completely dry. For fine hair, apply Anti-Gravity Volume Myst to hair BEFORE Curl Up & Shine.