Molding manes like they were precious metals, AG Hair Cosmetics recently unveiled hairstyle trends for 2007 at a glitzy event that drew hundreds of stylists to the Copacabana Night Club in New York.

The March 11 event introduced the company’s Precious Metal Collection, which consists of a dozen hot looks for all types of locks, including cuts and styles for curls and waves.

“It’s all about different textures in hair, just like texture in metal,” says Jami Symons, artistic director of AG Hair Cosmetics. “Metal and hair are really quite similar in the way that they both change by applying heat or chemical. When I first thought of the Precious Metal Collection, I automatically thought of curly hair because I envisioned this beautiful spun gold and etched metal—creating grooves, waves and texture.”

One of the looks, “Burnished Steel,” showcased an updo technique for curly, kinky hair using a series of ponytails on the side to create softness. Another style was the “Gold Plait,” which incorporates a weaving technique on naturally curly hair.

“It has a 1940s feel to it,” Symons explains. “The hair is woven into sort of a cap that is close to the head with curl around the edges.”

Then there’s the “Silver” style, which created bouncy, versatile tresses. Unique twisting techniques were also used to create “Iron Maiden” and “Platinum Mesh” styles, providing sophistication and a bit of an edge.

During the night of glamour, AG Hair Cosmetics also introduced its new Foam Weightless Volumizer, designed to boost volume and fight frizz.

“We’re seeing a lot of volume out there,” Symon says. “What I like about the product is that it’s not an aerosol. It’s a pump and it breaks down to a fabulous lotion, so it’s easy for the client to use. It can help give definition to naturally wavy hair.”

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