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Although the green beauty trend isn't new, women in the natural hair community are expressing concern about the ingredients in their curly hair products. This focus on all - or mostly - natural ingredients is also transferring over to skin and body care, with more than 31% of women refusing to buy products with sulfates. The "no chemicals, please" bullhorn effect within the marketplace has propelled brands owners to concoct all natural and greener formulations for hair and skin products.

To help you along your all-natural ingredients journey, I have listed my favorite items from 4 brands heeding the call of consumers around the world, each of which providing health-conscious curlies nasty chemicals-free alternatives to our hair and skin care regimens. Each item is in my bathroom cabinet, used either daily or weekly and comes highly recommended. Take note, friend!

Curly Hair Brands That Offer All-Natural Hair and Skin Products

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil - Rosemary - 4 oz. bottle | SHOP NaturallyCurly

Sunny Isle

Naturalistas focused on hair growth have long lauded Sunny Isle for bringing Jamaican Black Castor oil-based products to the marketplace. Understanding the need to stay hydrated from head to toe, Sunny Isle has a host of hair and skin products available for those focused on purchasing all-natural products. One hero item from the line is the Sunny Isle Rosemary Jamaican Black Castor Oil, a 100% natural emollient for hair and skin that acts as a miracle for people with low porosity natural hair and dry, flaking skin. Put these JBCO-infused products on your Hydration Wish List to keep curls and skin moisturized every day:

Everyday Shea Body Wash - Lavendar - 32 oz. | SHOP NaturallyCurly

Everyday Shea

Focused on fueling the growth of underserved global economies? Then, you will want to invest your dollars in Everyday Shea, the brand that creates hair and skin products with the intention of building educational spaces while propelling burgeoning entrepreneurs forward in Africa. After reading the brand's fascinating history, I purchased the Everyday Shea Body Wash – Lavender which gently cleanses skin while creating moisture balance. This body wash is my daily go-to, and I love that it comes in a huge pump bottle so that I do not overuse it and that its scent is not overpowering. Other items in the Everyday Shea line include unscented lotions and washes, and children's hair and skin products:

Honey Baby Naturals Honey Nectar Body Jelly | SHOP NaturallyCurly

Honey Baby Naturals

"Like every other mother, I also wanted products that were natural and free from ingredients that weren't good for their hair and skin, but I needed them to work and make my life easier." -Aisha Crump, Founder of Honey Baby Naturals

By following the natural ingredients-only path, Aisha Crump formulated hair and skin products with honey as the "secret ingredient" for her entire family. For those of us outside the family that need hydration and consistent moisture, Crump brought her collection to the masses. Her Honey Baby Naturals Honey Nectar Body Jelly is a petroleum-free lifesaver for dry skin. This jelly is excellent for those in arid, dry climates. Listed are additional natural ingredients-friendly items you'll want to try include:

HPO Hair + Body Shampoo | SHOP NaturallyCurly


Happy People Only, or HPO, prides itself on using cruelty-free ingredients to produce hair and skin products for everyone to enjoy. Its sulfate-free products feature all-natural ingredients that nourish curls of every pattern and provide daily reinvigoration to all skin types. To strengthen limp curls with wheat protein and refresh skin while cutting your wash day routine down, reach for refresh Hair & Body Shampoo with Avocado and Orange zest. For all textures that need spa-level TLC, try the following curly hair products from HPO:

These are just a few of my healthy and happy ingredients-product favorites!

It's exciting that hair care brands are taking the lead in natural-ingredients formulation bath and body products. The addition to the marketplace is welcome! Have you tried the hair and skin products I listed? If so, feel free to share your thoughts about them in the comments section below.

As ever, stay curly!