As the heat begins to crawl in, nights get longer, water gets warmer, our skin gets tanner, and our curls get frizzier. Depending on where you fall on the hair-type spectrum, and based on your personal preference, catering to summer curls would create an entirely different regimen than what you had in the winter. For example, 3c curls would perform better with gels during warmer temperatures, while 4c curls may feel their best with moisture-sealing products like butters or oils.

No curl is alike, therefore every curly crown will favor something different, but here are the five top products that have proven to stand the test against humidity for my 3c curls:

1. Shea Moisture Raw Shea & Cupuaçu Frizz Defense Hair Masque

Deep conditioning throughout the spring and summer is not usually needed as often as in the winter, but nevertheless, it is still required in order to have defined curls. I deep condition once a week on wash day with this frizz defense masque after shampooing. I leave it on for five minutes while in the shower (during this time I’ll shave, brush my teeth, and wash my face), and then rinse off with cold water. I’ll follow up with my daily conditioner, and rinse that one off immediately. The Shea butter and Cupuaçu deeply moisturizes and protects against humidity, which helps in taming the flyaways and frizz.

2. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse

I don’t like my hair to be flat and weighed down, but I also like curl definition, therefore this light-weight mousse designed specifically for curls is my go-to. It allows for volume without the frizz and no crunchy feeling, usually caused by generic mousse’s. Similar to the frizz defense masque, it contains Coconut oil and Shea butter—two key ingredients that act like shields against frizz. After I hop out of the shower, I dry my hair with a microfiber towel (another key accessory!) and begin to rake in the mousse on my dripping wet hair until it’s fully distributed.

3. Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls Styling Lotion

This lightweight hair lotion allows curls to become voluminous and incredibly soft and lush. It does not weigh curls down with crunch and prevents frizz altogether. It’s truly a dream come true. After I evenly distribute my frizz-free mousse in my wet hair, I follow it up with this lotion by doing the “praying hands” method and then scrunch the curls at the end.

4. Dragon’s Blood & Coffee Cherry Volume + Lifting Spray 

While this spray does not necessarily aim to tame frizz, it is still a major product that helps reach my goal of voluminous, frizz-free curls full of sunshine. Once my hair has dried (air dry or by diffuser), I give my hair a scalp massage which aids in lifting my roots to plump out my hair. I then flip my hair down and use this spray on my scalp, flip back up, and spray lightly all around. The previous products help control the frizziness and definition, while this one helps give it life.

5. Twisted Sista Curl Activator Creme 

This creme is similar to the styling lotion mentioned before. It has top frizz-defense ingredients that help target the hot mess created by environmental stresses. The coconut, avocado, and almond oils add intense moisture, reduce frizz, and defines the curls just enough to give it a lively shape. I use this product on my second and third-day hair after my curls have come in contact with the weather and other environmental factors. It revives it while controlling any flyaways that were created.

Every summer has its own story, whether it has a vacation or a romantic fling, but whatever memories are made, keep the sand and saltwater in your toes, and the right products in your curls.

What products help you achieve frizz-free curls? We would love to know!

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